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 Pray for SermonIndex

Let us all remember to pray for SermonIndex. Someday it may very well be illegal to have a site such as this. This site is much more than just our little chat room. It is a beacon of light in a dark world; a world that hates it and would be just as happy if it went away.

Let us pray for this ministry.


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 Re: Pray for SermonIndex


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I believe this is of such importance. Thank you saints.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Pray for SermonIndex

Satan probably already has tried to shut it down. Let's pray brothers and sisters.

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Yes, I agree. Thank you for this reminder.

[url=]Prayer sheets for Sermonindex[/url]

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Let us covenant to seek the face of the Lord for SermonIndex once daily with hearts of sincereity and humility.

For some, once daily may seem a burden to remember, and yet let us take note that satan, our adversary and accuser, remembers SermonIndex daily!

With such precious gems that have sprung forth from this dear Ministry let us not sin in neglecting to pray for SermonIndex and Greg Gordon and all who partake of the fruit of this Blessed Ministry.

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 Re: Pray for SermonIndex

My prayer is that sermonindex will have many people who speak simple and complete truths in Jesus Christ and that shine forth as a beacon and a shining light on a hill to a lost and dying world. Being a people that he created us to be in this world. Always pointing all people to Jesus and the cross that preserves us as well as conserves in the world. Not out of a legalism or conservatism mindset; but HIS SPIRIT working through a people who once were lost; but now are saved and regenerated, always speaking truth because they have become a new creation; even in the face of great controversy; as those saints did before us. The Spirit of Christ being made manifest in us and revealed to others as we speak HIS truth against great controversy. We speak these truths and they are self-evident to others that we are indeed indwelt with HIS SPIRIT; that he indeed lives in us and without HIM our heart is evil above all else who can know it.

 2008/4/6 16:20


I can assure you, Moe_mac didn't write this for no reason. I was convicted the same day about the same issue, but i am rather shy and deflated these days. it is very encouraging that somebody else obeyed and this reminder is before us. Please pray. I don't know why God has laid it upon my heart, but this IS a serious matter. I have no clue why, but i believe God is seeing something we are not seeing about this ministry.
Thanks Greg for your faithfulness (though i wish i met you in person when i was @ the confrence)

 2008/4/6 20:19

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