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 Prayer: From a Pastor's Heart

I received this comment on Repent Canada from a pastor in small town southwestern Ontario:

I wholeheartedly agree. But, here's the trouble: pastor's are not praying like they should be.

You can tell whether or not someone spends much time with God by listening to them pray in public - too many pastors offer prayers, are too few get into the presence of God.

when Robert Murray McCheyne stepped into his pulpit the mere sight of him caused his people to weep - he was a man of such holiness... because he spent much time with God.

And I just don't meet pastors who pray. John Wesley used to say that he didn't think of much of the man who didn't spend at least 4hours in prayer daily...let me know if you meet a pastor who prays half that.

Please pray for your pastors - pray that might come to know God... we cannot take our people any further than we ourselves have gone - Ravenhill used to say that it isn't any longer the temple that needs be cleansed...its the pulpit that needs to be cleansed.

I know a lot of educated ministers - but very few with this burden for prayer...

I just came away from a meeting of pastors and I mentioned the need for a sense of the presence of the living God even in our meetings... I suggested we spend time in prayer and worship... but their response was that they had church on Sunday and they didn't want to have to do church again on Wednesday... and then they asked what I meant by the presence of the living God...

Pray - this is our only hope - pray for pastors... the enemy is having a heyday - we need prayer!

his blog:

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