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Ontario, Canada

 Sermons by Dr. Darrell Champlin

Just noticed the thread saying that: it would be nice if more of Dr. Champlin's messages could be found.

I am the sound man and run the Tape Minisrty at our Church. Cornerstone Baptist Church in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada (Pastor Peter Guenther). Dr. Champlin has been preaching our Missions Conferences for about 6 yrs now. I have all the messages on tape. Tonight (April 2, 2008) was the close of our 2008 Missions Conference.

This year's conference brought us to a reality that we knew was coming but was not sure when it was coming. Dr. Champlin announced to us that this may very well be the final year that he is able to come to Canada to preach for us. He is now 76 yrs old, and is at this time travelling to see his supporting churches and report to them and then it may very well be that he will be going back to Surinam and staying there.

This is a kind of sad thing for our church family. As any of you that know the Champlins, that not only do you get attached to them, but they also get attached to you.

As I talked with Dr. Champlin tonight before we all left he told me that if he ever got 'Home Sick' for the USA enough to make a trip back, that he would be coming by to visit with us. (We are all praying that definately will happen).

Sorry to sidetrack.

Not only do I have all the missions sermons from Dr. Champlin, (unfortunately I DO NOT have them on CD but still have the old tape system) ++BUT++ This spring the Lord blessed our Tape Ministry by supplying me with a Camcorder, which I use this so that the Lady's in the nursery can watch the preaching while caring for our church children... PLUS I can Video Record the messages as well.

So to make a long story short.... I have "LOVE WITH SHOES ON" from Sunday March 30th, 2008 on DVD.

I will be glad to share it. But only after I have Dr. Champlin's and my Pastor's permission.

Thank You.

Willy Postma
Cornerstone Baptist Church Tape Ministry


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