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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Pray for Ami (son of Ariel pastor injured in blast)

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Roniya wrote:

Rebecca_LF wrote:
I watched some of it. Thanks for sharing that. Did you say that they were or were not christians? I've never heard of Lisa Bevill, is she a new artist?

Yes, the Ortiz's are Christians and Mr. Ortiz is a pastor I believe. I don't know anything about Lisa Bevill.

It really is touching to see pictures of Ami and all that he has gone through. And he has a long road of recovery ahead...I pray the Lord brings healing that speeds up that time.

O.k., I watched the rest of it. My phone keeps ringing. That's a great testimony.

 2008/6/20 21:56

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It looks like God picked a very special boy to carry forth His plan. As I was watching the video, huge raindrops fell from the sky . . .

 2008/6/20 22:04Profile


From Andrew:

Shalom All,

I am writing to you on behalf of David and Leah. My name is Andrew Bastaros, and I've been serving here in Israel with the Ortiz family since the end of May. I'm from The Brooklyn Tabernacle, doing a three-month internship. I'm here to help out the family in whichever way possible. David and Leah wanted me to introduce myself, give you an update, and share with you my perspective. As I am writing this, David and Leah are in the hospital with Ami, who is recovering from his operation.

Ami had the operation on his left arm today (Thursday, June 26). The purpose of the operation was the restoration of the nerves in his left arm. They opened the arm length wise about 12 to 14 inches (30-36 cm). The operation was supposed to take three hours or longer, but after an hour, the surgeon came out to let us know that they are closing his arm up. Originally, they thought that they may need to do a nerve graft in order to reconnect the nerve if it were severed, but they had to wait until they opened his arm to know. Praise the Lord, the nerve was not severed! But she said that part of the nerve was very damaged, and that it will take about a year's time to heal. That's the part that controls his pinky and ring fingers. They did not want to operate on the nerve in order not to cause any scarring in the nerve or further damage. They want it to heal naturally. They disconnected the nerve from the scar tissue that was building up around it. They believe that the scar tissue may have been causing the severe pain he was having. They were also able to remove foreign objects that were lodged in his arm from the blast.

After the operation, Ami was responsive; able to eat and drink. But he is having a lot of pain in his arm where the operation took place. The medical staff is giving him the equivalent of Extra Strength Tylenol, and it seems to bring down the pain.

Ami went into the operation a little nervous, but with high spirits. The last thing he did as they administered the sleeping gas was point and laugh at his dad because he was wearing a hairnet. And as he came through after the operation, he had a smile on his face. We thank the Lord for the peace that He gave him throughout this whole procedure.

Leah's last update was a sobering heart cry for many of those who do not know the daily ordeals the family goes through. She wanted to be honest in sharing the behind the scenes battles and not just the fruits. Although there is milk and honey, there are also giants before them. Leah, with the exception of a few nights since the incident, has been by Ami's bedside day and night. David is always on the phone dealing with the legal matters and the battles the believers are facing while handling the needs of the congregation. Ami's brothers, sister, and brother-in-law put their lives on hold to be next to their brother whom they love very much. Ami is very appreciative of this, the prayers of the believers, and the postcards and letters he receives. But it can still be overwhelming for anyone to go through what this 15-year-old went through. All of a sudden, his basketball dreams and normal life are put on hold indefinitely.

I say all of this to encourage all of you to continue to pray. Your prayers are being answered as this operation testifies, and we praise the Lord for it! To Him be all the glory.

Prayer Points:
Please pray for strength for David and Leah, who as parents have to see their youngest son go through such painful ordeals. All of this while dealing with extraordinary loads in their lives. We trust the Lord for more grace.
Please pray for Ami's siblings that the Lord would deal with the struggles of their hearts, speak to them, and give them direction in life as they need to start new chapters.
Please pray for vision, faith, and hope for Ami's life. He has heard many encourage him by saying, "The Lord will use your life for His glory," but the immediate circumstances are tough to see beyond. He is still looking to regain his normal life back. So pray that the Lord will speak to his heart even at this young age as to how He will use him.
Please pray that Ami's recovery period will be much shorter than what the doctors predict.
Please pray that the Lord will give him the strength to endure the pain he is going through.
Please pray for the future operations that are supposed to take place. He is facing four or five more operations.
Please pray that the Lord will strengthen the body of believers in Israel and give them victory in all their battles.

Finally, there is a Jerusalem Post article that may be of interest to you. A three-day conference is being held in Jerusalem by The Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations from the US. It includes a protest of Israel's discriminatory policies towards Messianic Believers. Follow the link below to check out the article:

In Yeshua,

 2008/6/27 15:11


From Leah:

Dear Family in Yeshua,

Ami has begun doing "new stuff" as he put it in the "gym" in the hospital, working out with weights. He's very happy.

My oldest son Aaron (27) is staying at the hospital this week, and giving me a much needed break. I've been with Ami 24/7 for 4 months now, with my other kids filling in a few days a week, as it's required for an adult to be with their children all the time.

I've noticed that Ami copes better emotionally when he's at the hospital than he does at home. Physically he is stronger and so is doing better in that way at home, but when he's home he goes out with his friends, walking around town, sitting down and talking with people, and the next day he is very depressed. He says he should be going out with friends, playing basketball, but instead he's going back to the hospital. He's seeing what he's lost, and it's huge. He's looking at his left foot, which looks mangled, and is shorter than the right now because of the first 3 toes which are partially amputated, at the skin grafts, which look appalling, at the many bulging scars, at his fingers that don't work well, at the left arm which hangs almost lifeless - it's daunting for a 15 year old. He has a pressure suit for the burns and all the scars which goes from the top of his neck to the bottom of his foot on the left side, and down to his mid-calf on the right, and now he has to put silicon pieces under the pressure suit to further soften and lighten the scars. He wears a brace on his right hand at night to lengthen the tendons, and a small brace on his left hand during the day to straighten out the clawing effect in his hand -

He doesn't hear well, he still has much shrapnel in his eyes which doctors are hoping won't come out, and he's in constant pain. It's easy for a 15 year old to feel he's lost more than he could ever regain.

When I open the Bible, the Lord is faithful to encourage. Psalm 68:19-21 says:

19 Blessed be the Lord,
Who daily loads us with benefits,
The God of our salvation! Selah
20 Our God is the God of salvation;
And to GOD the Lord belong escapes from death.
21 But God will wound the head of His enemies,The hairy scalp of the one who still goes on in his trespasses.

There are many psalms in which King David asks the Lord to crush his enemies, and those who want to kill him. I could never relate to those verses before, but since we experienced attempted murder, I find myself nodding my head in agreement with David!! However, as in the above verses - it is important to see - "the one who still goes on in his trespasses. It is always possible to repent of wickedness, and that, I believe, is God's heart. King David, in his expressions to the Lord, is nontheless practicing Romans 12:19: "Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." (Deut. 32:35; Psalm 94:1) He's expressing his anger, frustration, fears to the Lord, but he's putting it into the Lord's hands to avenge. And he always comes out of these expressions with praises, and thanks giving for being delivered from those same enemies. We pray for the ones who did this to repent of their wickedness. Please pray with us in that direction - for their consciences to bother them, that they would turn themselves over to the authorities, and into the hands of the only One Who can forgive them and give them new hearts and renewed spirits.

Slowly, bits of information are coming forth which will hopefully further the investigation. Concerning the investigation, I can't give much detail, but your prayer is essential on this front as well. Please keep David in your prayers as he is doing a tremendous job, keeping communication flowing between other congregations, lawyers, and the law-enforcement agencies.

A Russian believer came to our fellowship one Shabbat, who is part of a fellowship that we have close ties with. She told us that she does therapeutic massage and that she felt very strongly from the Lord to try to help Ami. In Russia, they use massage for pain more than pain medication. We had one session on Friday after Ami got out for the weekend, and he was transported into the heavenlies, it relaxed him so much. She was able to work extensively with the left arm as she is a physical therapist as well. Zoya says she will not take any money from us, her payment will be when the pain is relieved. She has vast experience and has helped many people with chronic pain, but she said she's praying for the Lord to show her how to help Ami.

Another prayer point - When Ami was still in the first hospital, the principle and guidance counselor, along with his homeroom teacher, who have been very supportive from the very first, came to visit, and arranged his transfer to high school in Ariel. The education system here is very different than in Europe or North America, as our matriculation exams are extremely difficult, and begin in the 10th grade. Ami will be studying in a course of study which learns only the subjects for these matriculation exams, which will help him as he has so many other issues to face (more operations, inability to hear well and to write, etc.) As we were putting on his pressure bandages, he said, "How will I ever be able to go to school in these?" (They're hot). Please pray for this next big step - School starts here on September 1st.

We love you all - thank you being part of the fulfillment of the above verse- Blessed be the Lord who daily loads us with benefits -- another version says, who daily bears our burdens. Yes, the Lord has loaded us with blessings and the benefit of the strength and daily grace poured out on us as a result of your prayers. You are carrying this heavy load with us, and we are grateful.

In Yeshua,


Postcards can be sent to:
Ami Ortiz
P.O. Box 1903
Ariel 40700

 2008/7/15 12:51

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 Re: Progress on awareness of violence

The bomb that injured Ami, disguised as a Purim gift that is given by custom, was an act of terror. This thread documents the difficulty in police investigation progress. The following is a “related” story.

The second story on today’s (08/07/08) Daily Newscast on Israel National News is a specific reaction to charges filed against Yad Leachim, the alledged terrorists that have attacked Christian missionaries. Yad Leachim is responding to the charges filed against them by the US State Department. Yad Leachim is a counter missionary organization in Israel. Spokes-person of this organization says:

#1 that (paraphrase) because Christian missionaries have little to show for the massive money from American Christian supporters that has been given this to do this work, they now accuse us of terrorism (bombing, other aggressions). They are violent toward us. And

#2 that (paraphrase) They are a big problem. They have 80 congregations in Israel.

Yad Leachim wants a law prohibiting all missionary activities in Israel. This is what exists in Muslim countries.

Link to Newscast:

Under “Features” select “Countering Christian Missionaries in Israel”

 2008/8/8 3:05Profile


JoanM shares a praise update on Ami on this thread:

Praise God for His healing power in this young man's life!

 2009/7/16 12:52

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 Re: Ortiz attacker arrested

I happened upon this French news report, dated 11/01/09, today: [url= ]Israeli settler arrested[/url]“Israeli police have arrested a Jewish settler suspected of having murdered two Palestinians and carrying out hate attacks against missionaries and gays, police said on Sunday.....”

It appears that Leah Ortiz is satisfied that the man who bombed the family home to stop the witness of the gospel to Jews in Israel has been found. Persecution of Jewish Christians by individuals and Jewish sects, higher governmental disregard of this, and the personal harm to Ami, her son, seem to have been addressed in this particular case.

The coverage/access to Israel National News has changed in the last 18 months. Only select news video reports are available through a related site ( I personally miss the more open news source and wonder at how this was decided/accomplished.

Here are links to two past “uncensored” reports from INN on the [url= ] “messianic problem”[/url]

#1. Mar 31, 2008 ... Caleb Meyers, legal council for the Messianic community and the Ortiz family, is milking this for all its worth. …

#2. Jun 26, 2008 ... The boy's father, Pastor David Ortiz, had been warned repeatedly by Palestinian Authority religious authorities to stop trying to convert ...

Body of Christ information: Jay Sekulow [url=](ACLJ International Affiliate)[/url] was quietly of legal assistance, in Israel, to the families attorney. They have an office in Israel now.

 2009/11/11 23:58Profile

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