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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Pray for Ami (son of Ariel pastor injured in blast)

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 Pray for Ami (son of Ariel pastor injured in blast)

This could fit under 'News and Current Events' and 'Miracles That Follow The Plow'. We really need to pray for Ami and his family. I'm receiving email updates about him from a family that is close friends with the family. I'll put the news article about the attack first and then give an update on Ami's current condition.


Son of Ariel pastor injured in blast

The 16-year-old son of a prominent Christian pastor, David Ortiz, was seriously wounded in Ariel on Thursday by a powerful explosion in his home.

The youth was alone at the time and suffered shrapnel injures and burns to his neck and chest.

The bomb, which was apparently in a Purim gift basket, also caused extensive damage to the family's apartment.

Judea and Samaria Police spokesman Ch.-Supt. Dani Poleg said police had not ruled out any motive - including that radical Jews or Muslims may have targeted the family.

The boy was rushed to the Rabin Medical Center-Beilinson Campus in Petah Tikva in serious condition.

Before he was sedated, one paramedic said, he managed to say that the explosion took place when he tried to open a package that had arrived at the apartment. The initial police investigation indicated that the family's maid had found the package outside and brought it in.

The boy's parents, David and Leah Ortiz, are well-known in Ariel, where they have been living for more than a decade.

David Ortiz works mainly with Palestinians in the West Bank, encouraging them to convert to Christianity.

Ortiz, said one acquaintance, had received death threats from Muslims angered by his missionary efforts. A number of his followers have been beaten up and jailed by Palestinian Authority officials.

Ortiz has a close relationship with Ariel Mayor Ron Nachman, who has actively pursued strengthening the town's connections with overseas Christian groups.

David and his wife, Leah, described by a neighbor as a Jewish believer in Jesus, also lead a congregation of a few dozen Christians in Ariel. Neighbors said that around a year-and-a-half ago, flyers were circulated in the family's neighborhood, with pictures of a number of Ariel residents, including David Ortiz, warning residents that the people portrayed were engaged in missionary activities directed at the town's Jews.

Due to concerns about the family's security, cameras were installed at the apartment, and were in place at the time of the explosion.



Excerpts from update from Tommy Waller:
Ami Update 10:00 am 3/21

First, Ami is stable. For Ami to be alive is a great miracle. Just a while ago I talked to Yoav, who is at the Ortiz apartment. He told me it is impossible to look at this apartment and belive someone could be alive. The top and bottom floor windows are broken out. There is shrapnel all over the walls. He just pulled a two inch by one inch piece of metal out of the refrigerator. Every piece of furniture destroyed. Like our apartment, their apartment is on the 3rd floor. The windows on a car parked below were blown out from the blast. I tell you all of this to tell you that Ami was holding the bomb when it exploded. He is alive!

I also just got off the phone with David, Ami's father, and it is amazing what God is doing. David could barely talk without crying just sharing with me what has happened so far. The doctor, a specialist in this kind of trauma who has seen several terrorist bombing victims, told David that a miracle has happened. He never seen this kind of recovery!

As I share what he said [b]please make note of the continuing prayer points. [/b]

Starting at the head: He left eye is okay. They pulled a large piece of metal out of his right eye and there is still a lot of pressure on that eye. We need a miracle for his right eye. The doctor believes there is a chance now to save it. There is no brain damage! Remember he was holding the bomb! Hallelujah! David said the swelling in his face has also gone down considerably.

Neck: There are large and deep cuts to the neck, but no damage to the main arteries - a miracle.

Chest: One lung was severely damaged and they are in the process of trying to save it. We need another miracle here. The doctor believes there is a chance. No damage to the heart or vessels. Praise God!

Stomach; Most of his internal organs were severely injured from the blast. Reconstruction of the intestines and kidneys was done last night. Today he is able to urinate - a miracle sign that his organs are beginning to work again. He also has 2nd and 3rd degree burns over most of the front of his body.

Legs: The muscle in one of his thighs is completely exposed and terribly lacerated. The doctor believes there is a chance it could be saved. Some news reports are saying that they have amputated the leg, but that has not happened. We are believing for a miracle here to save his leg. He has lost some of his toes. I don't know how many.

I was able to pray with David. It was such a blessing to see his faith. He and Leah have been at the hospital now without sleep going into the second day. Pray for them.

Israel has faced it's share of terrorism in the Jewish community, but never has it faced anything like this .......something solely directed at Messianic Jewish believers. How will God use this? How will He use us and not just our family, but you as well? We must stand with the Body when it suffers. Look at your newspaper and national news .......the world and Israel is watching.

B'Shem Yeshua,

Tommy Waller

 2008/3/21 18:38

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 Re: Pray for Ami (son of Ariel pastor injured in blast)

Praying for more miracles - to God be the glory!

 2008/3/21 18:51Profile

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Amen. When one part of the body hurts the whole body hurts.

it is good to see this post and know that others are concerned and involved with the suffering body of Christ.

God is good, in all things may He have the preeminence and glory!


 2008/3/21 23:22Profile

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Santa Clara, CA

 Re: Pray for Ami (son of Ariel pastor injured in blast)

Speechless ...

Mike Balog

 2008/3/22 8:06Profile



HeartSong wrote:

Praying for more miracles - to God be the glory!

Amen! We need to keep praying. Here is another update:

HaYovel Update: Ami 3/22

Ami is experiencing miracle after miracle. The doctors performed an exploratory operation today to ensure that nothing has been overlooked and are still quite perplexed at everything that's happened....

David and Leah have experience overwhelming love and support from the religious, secular, and messianic Jewish communities in Israel. The Christian community world wide has been amazing. The prayers of the saints have been offered and God has heard our cries!

 2008/3/22 13:51


There continues to be more miracles. Praise God!

Here are some updates:

HaYovel: Ami Update, March 25

The word for Ami continues to be miracle. Everyone including the doctors are using miracle to describe what has happened. Although still in critical condition the doctors are speaking very positive about his recovery. The main prayer point from here on out will be against infection. The explosion left almost no skin on his thighs, stomach, and chest.

Today the doctors will unwrap the special bandaging around his body and analyze his condition ......then re-wrap him again. The procedure has to be done every other day. They're also planning to take out the breathing tubes. Leah, Ami's mother, told me this morning that taking out the breathing tubes alone would take about 12 hours. With Ami everything is layat layat, slowly slowly.

After the breathing tubes are out they will begin to take him off his sedative medicine. Since he arrived they've kept him in a coma to restrict any movement.

There have been several miraculous things that have happened since the explosion. I found out after I arrived that when the bomb went off one of the first people to the scene was a woman who had served as an EMT in the IDF. When she arrive Ami was literally drowning in his own blood. She was able to make a hole in his wind pipe and use a straw to enable him to breath. She lives in the first floor of the Ortiz apartment building. I don't know her name yet, but what a miracle.

My son Caleb suggested that we encourage people to send Ami a postcard. I talked to David, his father, and he thought it was a great idea. I would encourage you to just send a postcard. Anything in an package or envelope would be considered suspicious. Even flowers are a problem. Security is checking everything. It would be good to find a postcard that says a little about where you're from, country, etc...

[i][If you want the address pm or email me] [/i]


HaYovel: Ami Update March 26

There is good coverage from CBN about Ami at this link: [url=]CBN News/Ami[/url]

The doctors have again operated on Ami's right eye. They were able to take out much of the shrapnel except for one very dangerously large piece too deeply embedded to get to. The eye is beginning to bleed which has the doctors concerned. Please continue to pray the bleeding will stop and the metal will be removed.

Pray for the large wounds, like bullet holes, from the shrapnel on his chest and stomach to heal. They did notice skin beginning to develop on his arms which the doctors were encouraged about.

They are still carefully trying to clean the area around the thighs in order to start skin grafting. They decided not to push the legs right now....


Tommy Waller

 2008/3/25 23:27


Is anyone reading these updates and keeping up with the situation? It's not a problem to post them, I just want to make sure they're being read. :)


HaYovel: Ami Update March 26 evening

Ami's Condition

Ami is waking up to the reality of what happened. David, his father, says he is overwhelmed. He is fighting major panic attacks. For us it has been days since the explosion. For Ami it just happened. Not only is he dealing with the horror of the event, but he's waking up not seeing out of his right eye. He has no hearing in his left ear and a constant ringing in both ears. One of his lungs is still damaged so breathing is not easy. His neck, chest, stomach, and legs are badly wounded with 2nd and 3rd degree burns and large and small punctures and cuts from the shrapnel. It's hard for me to imagine any of this, but David just told me that in some places there is only a layer of fat separating his muscle from the bandaging.

On top of all of this Ami is fighting anger. How could someone take something good, a mitzvah, like a Purim gift and do something like this?

Prayer Points

- The right eye is still not responding.

- Pray against infection.

- Pray for continued healing in his lung.

- Pray for restored hearing in his left ear. Doctors say his eardrum is ripped which could heal on its own or by surgery. Not sure right now if hearing loss is permanent.

- Pray against panic attacks.

- Pray that the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit) works in Ami to allow him to forgive. The wounds of unforgivness could be far more damaging than what he is suffering even now.

 2008/3/27 19:13


I decided to post another update on Ami. This email testifies to the power of God who does answer prayer and hear the cries of His people. Note the words, "the doctors are finding it difficult to use medical terms to describe Ami's recovery."
That's God! Alleluia!


Ami Update March 31

David told us last night and again this morning that the doctors are finding it difficult to use medical terms to describe Ami's recovery. What would have/should have taken a normal person weeks of recovery time Ami has done in a little over a week. No, he's not "out of the woods" yet, but the forest is not looking as dark as it used to. He may even be seeing a small clearing just ahead.

The doctors are saying now that they are expecting 100% recovery in both eyes. If you don't believe your prayer availeth much ......this is a miracle. Doctors, just days ago, gave little hope of saving his right eye.

Ami is also making improvements emotionally. We were able to go to the hospital last night after Brayden, and Zac were finished working at the Ortiz apartment. We were hoping at some point to be able to see Ami before we had to leave to come back to the US next week. We were surprised when David came out and said Ami wanted to see Brayden. Brayden and Zac have been like spiritual big brothers to Ami since we came to Ariel.

I don't know who encouraged who the most Brayden or Ami. Brayden was able to pray with him and speak encouragement. After Brayden returned Zac and I were also able to see him. When we entered the room he slowly raised his hand to shake ours. I thought, "Ami is back!" He even smiled and although a little groggy he had a good conversation with us.

This is the power of prayer. When the doctors say they don't understand how this is happening .....David and Leah are telling them very boldly, "It is the power of prayer." Everyone who comes to the hospital (and there have been many) the testimony of prayer is what everyone is talking about. Christian, Jewish, Muslim .......they all want to know about Ami and they all hear about the power of prayer.

So .....Keep Praying!

Continue praying for healing in his right eye. He's not 100% yet. Also pray for his ears. His hearing is also improving every day, but still not 100%.

Although improving emotionally there is still a lot to work through. Pray against the constant torment the enemy is continuing to pound him with.

Pray for his lungs. There is still metal in his lungs that could hinder his breathing.

Pray healing over the numerous deep wounds and burns on his neck, chest, stomach, and legs. Pray against infection.

Tonight the boys (men) and I will go to Jerusalem and lead/participate in the "night watch" at the 24/7 prayer center at Succat Hillel just outside the Old City. God is doing something amazing here .....something much bigger than our minds can reach around.

Thank you for praying. You've made a difference.

Shalom B'Yeshua HaMashiach,

Tommy Waller

 2008/4/2 20:18

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The doctors are saying now that they are expecting 100% recovery in both eyes. If you don't believe your prayer availeth much ......this is a miracle. Doctors, just days ago, gave little hope of saving his right eye.

Everyone who comes to the hospital (and there have been many) the testimony of prayer is what everyone is talking about. Christian, Jewish, Muslim .......they all want to know about Ami and they all hear about the power of prayer.

Praise the Lord! All Honour and Glory to His Holy Name . . .

 2008/4/2 23:38Profile


Hallelujah! The news continues to be gloriously wonderful - praise be to Jehovah Rophe!

Once again, if you want to send Ami a postcard just pm or email me and I'll give you the address.



Ami continues to miraculously improve. As he begins to gain vitality he also feels more of the pain associated with the severe burns and deep wounds from the shrapnel. Tomorrow (Thursday) he will begin receiving the skin graphs to the legs. From what I understand this is also very painful. Please pray for endurance - physically, mentally, and spiritually to get through this.

The eye doctor came in today and said there really wasn't any reason for him to see Ami anymore - his eyes look perfect. Wow!

The doctors are saying that his legs are still amazingly strong and that they believe he will walk out of the hospital. For many of us we would not be surprised to see him run out of the hospital! Praise Abba!

 2008/4/4 16:52

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