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 In the mist of the darkness outside

If we that live today had original OT scrolls and could read and understand the poetic Hebrew language, like Jesus conversed in, I feel sure we would fall on The Rock with an offering of faith in the crucified body of Christ and a prayer for directions to The Fountain of Life.

Thank God and The Lamb, that John the Apostle was allowed to remain alive until The Lamb Of God was found worthy to break the seven seals and read from The Little Book to give us the spiritual view from Mount Zion above of The Law and from the Prophets of God of His people chosen by Him living in The Kingdom OF God in the mist of the darkness outside.

Anyone that has not transcended the worldly view has nothing but worldly insights and therefore no spiritual food to feed the flock in this spiritual desert land. The first action they need to engage in is to climb that mountain themselves and begin to gather baskets of the scraps, a little here and a little there until they have sufficient for them selves and to give to those that have been defrauded by duress into spiritual poverty..



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