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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Have you been Baptized in the Holy Spirit, a second experience?Why you must be.

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appolus wrote:

As I stood there, frozen with fear, suddenly a warmth came over my head, like water flowing down but in slow motion. As it made its way down through me, the fear drained out ahead of it. It went all the way down my body , right down to my toes until I was standing there, filled, and all fear was gone. I reached up and put my hand on my fathers shoulder, who still had my mother by the back of the hair and was still punching her.

His head snapped round, and I found myself looking into the blackest eyes I had ever seen, but no fear was in me. As I looked into those eyes, I suddenly was looking into his soul and there was my real father, bound and gagged, lying on his side, a prisoner in his own soul. To that father I heard myself saying "I love you." That was it, that was all that was said. Suddenly I am back looking at his black eyes and this voice from his mouth said "I cannot argue with that," and it was gone. The atmosphere was gone, my warmth was gone and my father released my mother and sat down looking shell shocked.

Frank, I quoted this excerpt out of your testimony; every once in a while you read something that gets galvanized to your heart, and this is one of them.

I would give my own story of being baptized in the Holy Spirit, but by comparison with others I think it would be quite boring. And, thankful though I am for what I received, I just know it is short of the quality and intensity of the Baptism of Fire I read about in The Acts.

I do want to say, however, that I think this baptism is a vital and necessary milestone in our walk with the Lord... but we should not stop there. Paul calls it "the earnest of the Spirit," the down payment, the engagement ring, "unto the redemption of the purchased possession."

I have been in fellowship with people in days past who, they'd ask you, "Have you got The Baptism?" And the way they said it, if you had to answer no to that question, you were a kind of second class Christian to them.

Sad. They had but "the earnest," and felt they had arrived. I am not suggesting all who have this baptism are victims of that same pride. For how could anyone have the geniune thing without being deeply humbled?

The true evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is CHRIST in you. "He (the Holy Spirit) shall testify of ME..." (Jn. 15.26). And so ultimately, this must mean HIS OWN humility, grace, patience, love... manifested in us.

Jesus said, speaking of the coming of the Holy Spirit that those who believed on Him should receive, it would be like "rivers of living Water" (Jn. 7.38). Not a puddle experience, but an unceasing River. The Holy Spirit is a River, not a puddle.

I certainly know I am short of that River. I know something of the puddle experience. But an abiding, unceasing River flowing through my heart? Where is this?

Frank, I read in your first post of D.L. Moody's experience of the baptism. I remember reading of that same experience in a book by W. Graham Scroggie, The Land and Life of Rest. The way he described it, well, maybe I will just quote it from the book.

"And D.L. Moody bore witness once in Glasgow to such a crisis in his own life and ministry. He cried to God for power, and this, in his own words, is what happened.

"Well, one day in the City of New York, oh what a day! I cannot describe it; I seldom refer to it; it is almost too sacred an experience to name; I can only say, God revealed Himself to me, and I had such an experience of His Love that I had to ask Him to stay His hand.

"I went to preaching again. The sermons were not different; I did not present any new truths, and yet hundreds were converted. I would not be placed back where I was before that blessed experience if you would give me all of Glasgow."

I find that very arresting. He was seeking power, and God answered him with a baptism of Love. Holy Ghost love, if I could put it that way. The love of Christ revealed in the Holy Ghost.

And with that, he had the power.

...So, this is what I mean by saying that once in a while you read something that just becomes galvanized to your heart. There is something about this "Baptism of Love" that... there's a Power there we know little about.

There's something about the Love of God that... it can do what nothing else can do.

As in your experience, Frank, of the love of God that cast out the fear... "There is no fear in love."

And reached your father...

That really spoke to me.

And I've read of others who had this kind of "baptism" that brought them in touch with such a love of God... so overwhelming they had to ask God to stay his hand...

I remember reading of John Fletcher, who in the days of the Wesleys, had a similar experience, and asked God to stay his hand.

But later he regretted he had asked that, and felt he should have asked instead to have his vessel enlarged.

I am asking myself a question. Am I brave enough to say, God, I'm open: I want this kind of Baptism. The Baptism of Love. After a few years, I know what it's like to go through things, so... I don't ask lightly any more.

But I'm asking anyway, by His grace.

...God help any of us who have had a "second blessing" experience to know we just have our toes in the water.


Allan Halton

 2008/3/25 2:29Profile


Hi AD......thankyou for your post. The point is well made. Fot my own self, I believe that people who talk about tongues all the time and are completely focused on tongues are definately the toe tippers :) In many ways it is the least of all the gifts and yet so much focus on it. Yes, a baptism of burning love, liquid fire from the alters of heaven that changes your life forever. While self righteous men condemn the world, the one with this baptism will love the world for that is the Fathers heart "For God so loved the world." If you wanna see a toe tipper, look for the one who rails against the world, the very world that Jesus came to save. If one can look into the very heart of darkness, and respond with love then that one has touched the greatest power of all, the power of Calvary "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." It is this love that convicts the wicked and confounds the evil one. Yet it is this love that will bring rejection, hatred, misuderstanding, trials that reach to the very core of your heart and only the saving hand of our Lord sustains us. You said brother "I dont ask lightly anymore." God bless you my friend. A long time ago, as a raw Christian I prayed this prayer before the throne of God "Lord whatever it takes." I knew that prayer had power, I knew that it had been accpeted. Would I pray that prayer again ? Probably, but not so lightly.

In my heart I liken it to a first world war soldier who went of to fight for King and country and glory with all the optimism of youth, dreaming of glorious victories. Well, most found out that war was brutal and dirty and surrounded by death. So, to all the seasoned soldiers out there, yes its back to war, for we are called to fight, and the glories of His presence make up for the brutality of the trenches. The glory of all this is that this war in which we fight has already been decided, we fight a war in which victory is already gained. All glory to Christ our King and to our Heavenly Father, and if we should die on the battle field of life, it will be His descision. Spurgeon once said "Lord that I would be an ox on the alter or an ox in the field, you choose...........Frank

 2008/3/25 9:31

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I have found this sermon series to be very he
lpful in describing the power of the annointing of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.

Denny Kenaston covers this truth very well...

In Christ

Jeff Marshalek

 2008/4/4 10:03Profile


I will listen to it brother, thanks..........Frank

 2008/4/4 18:48

Joined: 2003/6/3
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Just bringing this up again...for the edification of the body in Christ.

Jeff Marshalek

 2008/4/5 8:18Profile

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There are varying views on the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, yet I trust that we all can come into one accord and believe that God has deeper levels of intimacy for all of us to attain to as we walk humbly before Him in humility.

Let us not state what this or that view is, but let us state that our view is fixed on the King alone, believing that His Spirit will overtake us in whatsoever manner is Biblical and Holy, leading us into all truth and Fulness, for the service of the Kingdom of God and the Glory of the Lord.

 2008/4/5 23:57Profile


Jesus in me say "Let us not state what this or that view is, but let us state that our view is fixed on the King alone."

I am sure that there is no one on sermonindex that would argue with the second part of the above sentence. Yet, it is one of the purposes of this ministry to state our views in light of Scripture, thats why its a forum :)I think I know what Jesusinme was tryig to say. In this particular case though, this gift, this baptism is something that has to de desired, hungered after. The parrable of knocking on the door at midnight testifies to this. We must keep on knocking. It required the desire from us. So, when we have the desire and we focus on Jesus, then we can expect the Lord to reward those who diligently seek Him...............Frank

 2008/4/6 0:06

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