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And if I do decide to really spend some time and offer some sound stable teaching, my thread gets shot down, or locked, so whats the point?

Maybe, just a possibility here, could it be ... you? It's not a popular theology it seems lately that we ourselves might be in error.

my only reason for being here is that by some chance, some poor soul that might stumble across this website and be infected by the poision of the pharisees might see that there are christians who are NORMAL and it is o.k. to laugh and enjoy life.

The only reason you have been allowed to continue is due to long-suffering and patience, that which you have pushed to the limits.

There are some very simple ground rules that are asked of all who contribute here, if they are too difficult to abide by then feel free to move on. If you wish to abuse the privileges afforded here and cannot follow the rules, then you will be removed.

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Mike Balog

 2008/3/16 0:57Profile



PaulWest wrote:
Is this enough?

You glorify Jimi Hendrix, a drug-addicted occultist, as an ambassador of peace and in the same breath anathematize Keith Daniel for preaching God's judgment on America. Yes, for me I think it is enough...

So you have nothing to say about this message. You called me out, so lets here it.
I'm glad Jesus was a friend to the SINNERS and the PUBLICANS, and the HOOKERS, and he even sat down and ate with these bunch of 'low lifes'. One of those was me. He did'nt judge or condemn them, he loved them, and it was that, that touched them. You see the difference in you and me is you see a drug addicted, occultist. I see a very, extremely talented, musician who was no worse than me, that some how lost his way. "All we like sheep have gone astray". I wish I could have been around to get to know Jimi, I would like the chance to try to be his friend.

 2008/3/16 1:07

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