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I agree with Brother Josef: Stay on target. In my own experience, a "good" Muslim would like nothing better than to "reason" with a Christian. In fact, some Muslims are quite evangelical for their god and prophet. But deep inside, there is an emptiness in any person who does not truly know the salvation that only comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Remember, a Muslim does not go to Hell simply because he/she is a Muslim. They are going to Hell because they do not know and have a relationship with the one true Living God. The same is true with all people -- regardless of their religious background. A person is lost only because they were born with a sinful nature into a world of sin. Jesus Christ is the ONLY escape from the Wrath to come!

In my experience with Muslims, Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, and even dedicated Catholics and atheists, I have found that the sharing of my own testimony has a profound effect upon the direction of our conversation. A Mormon might claim to have felt a "burning in their bosom" about the "truths" of the Book of Mormon -- but that pales in comparison with a person who has met (and meets daily with) the Creator of the Universe! Prayer is not a requirement for true believers in Christ -- it is a joy and privilege!

It has been my practice that sharing a personal testimony – along with the testimony of Jesus Christ as recorded by the New Testament (that God Himself came to this Earth, was rejected and killed by His own in order to pay the penalty of sin, and has risen from the dead) – has a profound impact on the sincere listener. It is difficult to reason with a people – regardless of their religious background – when they have been indoctrinated to dismiss all “prejudices” against their beliefs. But there is power in our testimony and the testimony of Jesus Christ. To each man is given "a measure of faith" -- and that faith longs to know and fellowship with the one true Living Lord!



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 One thing

you'll do fine based on what I've read of your committment to pray for him and ask God for help. Rember the one thing that makes christianity stand out from all other religions of the world is the way God cleanses our consciences. Basically the area of conscience will move him in ways where he will find himself constantly justifying himself and thats where you can introduce the good news of Jesus Christ and the rest that is to be found in Him. Gotta run, I'll be out of town for a week or so. God Bless and guide you in His eternal truth.


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 Re: One thing

WOW, amazing advice and support. I am overcome, thank you.

I met with this man last monday, prior to the posting of this thread, and listened to him share his tumultuous life story. He has some amazing stories of God's hand in his life. When I asked him why I was there and his intention for these meetings he said, "I want to learn about this man, JESUS..."

Praise God, and quite possibly the Lord sent him my way to bolster and encourage my own faith with a heart already softened by His Spirit.
I look forward to concluding this individual post with a victory for Christ and in Christ's name, AMEN!

[b]For the Reward of His suffering and to bear the Reproach of His name![/b]


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There is a pitfall in "arming yourself for battle", and taking your armor up, on a particular line, to witness to a group, cult, or specific deception. Jehovah's Witnesses , are a good example. They have classes to counter most Salvation scriptures, and methods to attack your faith, using the Bible. Once, the knock from the Watchtower came, and I warmly invited them in...after a short time...I saw that they came prepared to resist the Holy Spirit in me, I felt ever so strongly to declare my conversion testimony....I did, relating my depravity as a God hater and my reveling in sin; how faith rose in me , and how, as I believed in my heart on the Blood of Jesus, the Holy Spirit flooded me with the new birth that Jesus promised, and I knew love, for the first time ever.....................I shared this as real as I ever had, adding that this Bible here, opened up to me, and understanding, wisdom , and guidance began to flow into me, and still does. The Holy Spirit anointed me, and they were speechless. One was a wolf, one, I discerned, was a lamb. The wolf kept trying to take me away from my ground, but I refused to budge, thereby allowing no room for argument............Timothy advises us not to strive, or argue, and avoid these peace thieves...Let Jesus guide you, and trust fully in Him, that He will not allow you to be made ashamed.....Be yourself,,,don't turn into a self righteous know it all...just be a brother to these precious people,, and they will see as the Holy Spirit opens their eyes, through your humility, reality, and testimony. "THEY OVERCAME HIM [THE DEVIL]BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB..THE WORD OF THEIR TESTIMONY...AND BY NOT LOVING THEIR OWN LIVES, UNTO DEATH....THATS OUR WITNESS...I planted a seed that day and in Peace, I know that is all the Lord wanted,,and I had a grace to love them Be led by God............TOM.
Ruach34 wrote:
Alright, Ladies and Gentleman. I am now 0 and 2, meaning all two of the threads I have posted are now locked.

Anyway, this is not such a thread. I am asking for some simple counsel and advice on an issue I have been confronted with.

Long story, short...the Lord has sent me to a local homeless shelter and has really burdened me with discipling these men. He has opened a few doors in this respect and recently a Muslim was put in my way. I am to sit with him next week and talk about this man, JESUS. Is there anyone out there that has ministered one-on-one with Muslims that can offer counsel in this matter?

I know first and foremost, be led of the Spirit of Christ and pray earnestly for this man. What of the application?

Thank you

 2008/3/13 9:32

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Thank you, Tom. There is a tendency in my flesh to write out outlines, paragraphs, saving up just the right comments to say at just the right time. Then the time comes and I cannot find that perfect quote, or the scripture I had written down, just for this moment.
The Holy Spirit works totally opposite of this way in me and I am thankful for Him.

That was a chastening, to not "arm myself for the battle." The battle is not mine, anyway.

I have wanted to write down all what I have read, and heard in this thread, but have resisted up till now and will go to that man, empowered and enabled by Christ Jesus, to bear His reproach. Not armed with outlines and such...


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