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Allright, Ladies and Gentleman. I am now 0 and 2, meaning all two of the threads I have posted are now locked.

Anyway, this is not such a thread. I am asking for some simple counsel and advice on an issue I have been confronted with.

Long story, short...the Lord has sent me to a local homeless shelter and has really burdened me with discipling these men. He has opened a few doors in this respect and recently a Muslim was put in my way. I am to sit with him next week and talk about this man, JESUS. Is there anyone out there that has ministered one-on-one with Muslims that can offer counsel in this matter?

I know first and foremost, be led of the Spirit of Christ and pray earnestly for this man. What of the application?

Thank you


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There is a book that was written by Basilea Schlink that will be very helpful in giving you an understanding of the muslim's concept of God. Being armed with this knowledge will be helpful in your discussions with this man and in pointing him to the Lord Jesus Christ.


In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2008/3/12 10:29Profile


I haven't ever witnessed one-on-one with a Muslim, but I have read books on the topic and have found Ergun and Emir Caner to be the best on the topic. Ergun Caner has some pdf articles on his website that might be helpful,

One thing that I have heard from the testimonies of Muslims coming to Christ is the revelation that God loves them. This is a foreign concept in Islam which is a religion of works and fear. The only guarantee that they will go to 'heaven/paradise' is dying in 'holy jihad'.

Hope that helps a little bit.

 2008/3/12 12:55


Ruach, you have your work cut out for you. my conversations with Muslims about their beliefs lead me to believe that converting them is near impossible. this is because they find the notion that God could fit into the body of a human being preposterous and an insult to God. for them, God coming to earth as a human being is an abomination. human beings are Corrupt! and God could not be defiled in such a manner as to appear in human form.

these are my words paraphrasing what i have heard. i was at a loss as to how to respond to this. it was like I was insisting that God had been debased and them insisting that God would not debase Himself in such a manner.

nevertheless, they revere Jesus as a holy Prophet.


ps, if someone out there in SI land has had other more positive experiences or would correct what my experience has been, please let me know.

 2008/3/12 14:12


The best book I've read, explaining Islam, and how Muslims think, is "Jesus and Muhammed" by Mark A Gabriel. He compares their lives, characters, attitudes, teachings and actions.

One approach in witnessing to a Muslim might be to ask him who, if they were around today, would he choose as a friend if he could - Jesus or Muhammed? Even from what the [i]Koran[/i] says about each of them there would be likely no contest! (Muhammed was a violent, womanising individual who encouraged slavery, despised women and believed that "might is right", and that people should be converted by force.)

Islamic terrorists are actually [u][i]better Muslims[/i][/u] than moderate Muslims, because they more closely follow the tenets of their holy book!)

Muhammed is also dead, while Jesus is alive - so it IS possible to have Him as a Friend!

Or, you could ask: "How come the Koran says that Jesus did many miracles and Muhammed didn't? Doesn't that mean that Jesus must be greater than Muhammed?"

Dr Gabriel is a former Muslim scholar, who lectured in Islamic studies at the top Sunni Muslim university in Egypt.

Then he found Christ.



PS sorry one of your threads was locked on my account. What I wrote caused offence, but none was intended...

 2008/3/12 16:10

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Omaha, NE


Muslims believe Abraham to be the forefather of
faith and Moses to be a great prophet. Muslims
believe Christ to be a prophet and Messiah. But
they will not accept His sacrificial death on
the cross was for them. They believe by keeping
the Quoran and observing fast and making vows
and swearing oaths to Allah . This they believe
makes them just. Live a godly witness and set
an example of Christ before this man. He will
know your faith is real and true!!

Martin G. Smith

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West Monroe, LA


I am to sit with him next week and talk about this man, JESUS. Is there anyone out there that has ministered one-on-one with Muslims that can offer counsel in this matter?

I know first and foremost, be led of the Spirit of Christ and pray earnestly for this man. What of the application?

Brother I have been in an extended dialogue with the local imam in our town for over three years now and have had the privelege of meeting and conversing and working in the home of another of his local "brothers" a physician. There are all the above resources to learn "about" Islam including a website called "Prophet of Doom" probably the most complete resource you can find. You can also purchase many translations of the Quran into English (although most Muslims when penned down to certain quotes say that it is a mistranslation regardless of which one). But I believe your quote is the ONLY way to win. There is a general mistrust for "Christians" and sadly for good reason in many cases. The man in whose home I worked 6 or 7 years ago as a ceramic tile contractor at the time was amazed and very grateful because I gave him some advice regarding a very large purchase of marble for his house which was supposed to be a "bargain" which was a rip-off. From that point onward his trust began to grow. Seeds have been planted, but just as some of the mission work in other countries, especially with all the hostilities going on now, I believe that the greatest witness is the integrity and Christlikeness that you "demonstrate" over time. I realize you may not have a lot of time to spend with this man, but just as the young girl who won the heart of Ark Katz (if you have heard his testimony), the only hope is the authentic witness of the Holy Spirit demonstrating genuine love for the soul.

I have not won the battle here, so I can not report a victory yet, but I beleive God will do as He has always done for those whom HE has laid on our hearts to present the Gospel. It is HIS concern that raises our concern. And it is HIS Holy Spirit alone that can lead us to the heart of the ONE individual to whom we are relating it.

I will join you in prayer.


Clint Thornton

 2008/3/12 17:18Profile


I've talked to a few Muslims. You can read about it here:

Be sure to keep your guard against rabbit trails that profit nothing. I can't stress this enough. Chances are, if he's a religious or somewhat devout Muslim, he knows all the arguments against Christianity. He will try to attack the doctrine of the Trinity, point out contradictions in the Bible, question how you know that's what Jesus really said, etc. etc.

STAY OFF THOSE RABBIT TRAILS!!! Go straight for the heart and for the issue of sin and the basis of forgiveness. Whatever he brings up, tell him you will answer his questions or statements later, but right now you want to talk about sin and salvation. Then focus on his personal sin, open up the divine spiritual nature of the Law with all the heights and depths of it and the mighty thunderings of Mt. Sanai against sin, plead with Him about the JUSTICE of God, how God cannot just overlook sin or forgive sin, that would make Him unjust, there has to be a basis. Then take him through the blood atonement, and the foreshadows of Christ in the Old Testament. Speak directly to his conscience. Sin is a heavy burden and the religious works of Islam can never free one from that burden. Only Jesus offers rest to the heavy-laden through the NEW BIRTH.

Focus on the fact that SIN is serious and will send him to HELL, and that sin MUST be ATONED for and justice satisfied. God can't just forgive it. It has to be atoned for. Muslims have no basis of justice being satisfied, their false god just "forgives" sin because "he's merciful" but this contradicts the whole Bible and undermines God's justice and righteousness and spurns off the thought of "judgment to come".

There is no concept of GRACE or LOVE in Islam either. Focus on these things. Nowhere in the Quran does it say that their god is love. Their religion is all WORKS and so-called MERCY and heavy yokes of burden.

And preach strong on the NEW BIRTH and transforming POWER of the Gospel of Christ. Testimony is also something that their religion doesn't produce, and a strong personal testimony to the saving grace of Jesus Christ as God in the flesh usually works quite well to make them think.

 2008/3/12 17:24

 Re: God chooses Muslims, Babtists, Commies, and even me.

Bubba- Guy....I have had the opportunity to see Muslims saved, in India, 12 years ago. This occurred in the midst of a meeting with a heavy presence of Jesus, and as I prayed, the Holy Spirit fell on them....and they became drunk like, and joyfully received Jesus.....I turned them over to Indian Pastors, and I'm sorry to say I've lost track of them....But much of the Image of Muslims is distorted in the media, and creates an Idea, that they are Zombie like in their fanaticism....Some are, and violent,,,,but overall, they are just like your Baptist plumber buddy, with a family to feed, diapers to change, and teenagers to survive. Israel is a good place to experience this. Did you know that their are many Muslims who fought along side the Jews, in all of the wars? These view Islam as many view their denomination. The Lord has saved many of Islam there, and there is a Christian Palestinian Church, largely forgotten[mostly former Muslim families, saved throughout many decades].............People get saved when their spirit witness's God's love in you, and they believe the Word through you, and are convicted and see they must repent.....Jews, Muslims, and Irishmen....It is true that to confess Christ will immediately cost you your job, your family home, and maybe your life causes a few less to come forward, yet they do,,,,and most by indigenous [native] pastors and witnesses. However, God has a witness among them, and I love them. They are sweet people overall. ... SEE VOICE OF THE MARTYRS....Richard Wurmbrant's movement, for reports around the World of the Body of Christ in Muslim countries......Also ,there have been some reports of Sovereign moves, leading Islamic groups to Him, as Jesus appears to men and women,,revealing Himself, as He did to Paul...Finally, prayer. Jesus lead the Muslim to you, and reveal Yourself to him....Break the evil yoke of Allah, and show yourself as God Almighty Lord Jesus. We all fail in our attitudes and service, but we must never yield to become a respecter of persons, and believe that God will forget a race, or a people group; They are just like us, and in some ways, not nearly as corrupt as westerners....never-the less, they will be cast away into darkness without faith in Jesus, our true Savior. God help us all. Tom

 2008/3/12 17:38


Hi Ruach,

I second what Josef said and say amen. Really, the advise he gave is what you should follow and think upon.

sending you a p.m.

In Christ,


 2008/3/12 17:50

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