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 experiencing the manifest presence of God

There was a time when you could go into a church and feel the presence of God.
you would tiptoe in and cry at the altar and tiptoe out.
talk about church all day and at bedtime,
talk to your neighbors about The Lord.

Does anybody know what im talking about?
Does your chruch have God's presence there?
When we witness or tell neighbors about our chruch, do we tell them about the programs we can offer them, softball team, a free cup of espresso from our espresso bar, or do we say, just come and I guarinttee you, your going to meet God, come to him and he will reveal himself to you if you will humble yourself to him,, I see it happen every week, so please come.

I got saved in my 20's and was a professing sinner, then I really got saved about 6 years ago, now im in my mid 40's.
I hear about the old days, from all the grey headed ladies in church,, most of them will attend the prayer meetings, even most leadership dont show up for that.
I am hungry for God's manifest presence, and I need to know what im supposed to do about it.
I pray, I confess, I do not live in any known sin, yet I stumble at times and the holy spirit convicts me and I immedietly repent.
I go to the prayer meetings at church, I read my bible, I talk about christ at work and try to get them to Go to my or any church, so they can get their free coffee.. haha.
What are we doing wrong,, or me.
Is my chruch under judgment, or our nation?
Is there any chruches out there experiencing God.
Where the Spirit is moving and people are confessing and changing their lives.
living for Christ and Dying to self and carrying their cross.
These are some of my thoughts and I hope I or we can get some answers.
Jesus please show yourself.


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 Re: experiencing the manifest presence of God

I know what you are talking about.
The manifest presence of God is wonderful, and I would love to experience in our Churches one more time.
Honestly, I would love to have God minister in and through me, like in the days gone by.
I believe He will show Himself real to His people again.
He hasn't forgotten us.
I'm hungry for another wave of Glory, but am I hungrey enough to shut myself in with Him, and pray that He will move again in my own personal life, and in our Churches.
He has to do the work.
The Word says in Phil. 2:13, That it is God that worketh in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.
I just long for Him to love through me, through the Power of the Holy Spirit.
I do know what you are talking about.
He will make a way for us, for He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
The Word also says , if we hungrey and thirst after Righteousness, we shall be filled.
I believe there are a lot of people on SI longing for another wave of Glory. His Glory.
That Jesus be Glorified, and not man.
God Bless you.

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 Re: experiencing the manifest presence of God

Listen my friend, the rain is coming. Please go to my site and read this post... read "Revival is at the door, can you see the cloud? Them "My poems of Coming into His presence, dry times and trials." Then revial prayer," then "The coming tribulation," then "A coming reformation." :) Most of my site is about His manifest presence. Then you can find this post(one of my fab=vorites and one of the least read :) Frank

 2008/3/12 0:44

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I hear your hearts' cry and I encourage you to continue to believe for this awareness of His Presence first in your own lives and also for the outpouring of it in your fellowship congregations.

I do not think I could have gone on ,nor made it through the last decade if God had not increased my ability to sense His manifold presence in my own personal life..thus bringing that same Presense into all situations wherever I was..This came and went somewhat in my younger years,depending on how I chose to look at my own confessed and under the blood or as a deterent to my being considered holy...but at a certain point the Presense became so vivid,tangible if you will allow me to use this solid of a word..ever felt and noticed through everything..strong..and felt even by those who had never felt Him before..He kept telling me.."You are holy because I have made you is not in yourself..I am Holy and you are in Me..I have called you holy..wholesome whole, complete..not disfunctional or fragmented..complete in Me ,due to My work on the cross for you,Because of Who I AM, making you perfect once for all, in Me. "I knew He seeing eternally, the work as done ,although I was also aware of how He was changing me to be more like Him,walking me through the changes..making me to understand the mystery of His will being made manifeat in me,so that I would know to recognize what He was doing in others as He used me to help them understand and recieve.I needed to see myself as God ther Father saw He sees me through His Son ,Jesus. I asked and was given as promised.

I did not know to argue scripture with Him and so I received His words..and my life in Him changed..I began to experience a fulness that is so much more than what we feel in ourselves trying to be eternal sense of oneness that never falters..available,accessible in any given moment as we are drawn to stay focused on the things of God and not of this world..othe rhtings and concerns grow dim in the way we can see and hear what The Father is doing in us and around us..He does this work of faith in us too..a faith that is founded upon His work and not mine...even when I am not able to stand..or become weakened and weary..or fall headlong..strong is He even in our weakness..faithful is He..All things are possible to him that believes.

I am believing for all my surrendered brethren to be given this awareness..God is is us whose eyes and ears are so dull as to not see and hear.. to not know Him and how mightily He is in our midst..not an emotional feeling..this goes way beyond emotions,it is a spiritual awareness..solid and real and actively alive!He will do it as it is his perfect will for us to be given this aspect of the on earth! Only He can do this for us.Then, wherever you are matter the place,He will use you to bring this very Presence dwelling so richly within you,that you long to see made manifest..this is divine will for us..first within you mightily,constantly,consistantly..then for the others in your shere of influence.

He gives us opportunity to grow as He transforms our souls to be healed and to be set free as needed in the midst of persecution,hardships and trials ,,keeping us humble and in touch with what all men are trying to cope with we do not became too lofty or legalistic and unsufferably we would if we never saw that we too were a work in progress,His work being finished to provide the reality for it is His way and His timing..but let us enter in more fully into His Presence..lingering longer..and then we go onto the tasks He has set before us,with a constant awareness that He has not drawn away from us ..we have not shifted our focus from Him and He remains with us,in Us as promised.It is not only is what we are given if we ask.

Have you never heard Him say..Trust Me in you..have you not asked for My spirit be filled with My spirit? What is it that prevents you from believing that I have not done Trust Me in you..believe that I have given you what you asked for ..act like you believe Me..the rest is doubt and unbelief. These have no place in Me..thus you must not pay them heed.

May this be an encouragement. be being filled,my brethren..experience revival full time within you if we would see it without. Bring revival with you wherever God sends you.

And so in closing I will confidently pray these same prayers for you,along with our brother Paul ,who lives,because He lives and gave us His Life.
Ephesians 1:16-23
Ephesians 3:14-21
Phillipians 1:3-6

I was/am always led to pray this over myself substituing I for you..making it personal as well as over others. Blessings abound !

G.M. (Destiny) Sweet

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