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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Follow the Shepherd as he follows Christ

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 Follow the Shepherd as he follows Christ

The way you can tell if your Pastor is following Christ, is first of all, Does what he preach line up with the Word of God?
There are so many man made doctrines floating around, unless you know the Word for yourself, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, you will be deceived.
I left the Church I had been a member of for a long time.
My spirit was always so grieved at the way the Pastor would always have to control everything.
When to stand up, when to worship, money, money,
so much emphasis placed on money.
Using such lightness in the Pulpit.
It wasn't easy for me to leave this Church, but the Holy Spirit had been showing me to leave for awhile. I have Friends there.
False prophets were allowed to come in and prophesy lies, and usually it was about bigger and better, and telling people they were prophets
and etc.
Disruptive, but wasn't ever approached by the Pastor, except the Pastor thought the false prophet was real.
Just certain people and the Pastor ruled the Church.
I know there isn't any perfect Church, and I couldn't belong to it if there was one.
The Strong Messages I have heard on SI, and mainly the leadership of the Holy Spirit , the Christians I have met here, have been a tremendous help to me.
If anyone knows of a Spirit filled, Bible preaching Church near Macon, Ga, plmk.
God Bless all of you, and may He continue to help us on SI.
I need Him more every day, and I know He won't ever leave nor forsake us.
I believe in being under authority, but not if the Authority figure isn't under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.
God is still working on me, and I praise Him for it.
Thank-you for reading.
Feel free to comment if you want to.

 2008/3/8 22:30Profile

 Re: Follow the Shepherd as he follows Christ

True Nellie. That's what we were taught that Paul meant also - Follow the shepherd [i]as[/i] he follows Christ.

If he doesn't - we don't.

"I need Him more every day, and I know He won't ever leave nor forsake us."

I believe that's the main thing too Sis ... HIM.

He's The Only Shepherd that calls His sheep by name and [i]knows[/i] them and leads them to still waters, green pastures, paths of righteousness, restores their soul and stays right by them unto death and forever after.

If we have Him - there's nothing more to want for ... we shall not want.

Thank you for being you.
Praying for His will together.

 2008/3/8 23:31

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Omaha, NE

 Re: Follow the Shepherd as he follows Christ

Yes, Christ is our great example and He humbled
Himself under the sovereign hand of the Father
and laid aside His priveledge and rights to be
a servant in the Kingdom of God. We do well to
follow in His steps!!

Martin G. Smith

 2008/3/9 10:19Profile

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