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Either prove the miracles in the film are false or apologize to me.

Hi Buster. People here are entitled to express their views without having to apologize to any one person in particular, provided they play the ball and not the man. The fact that you are desiring a personal apology under the stipulation of one not being able to "prove" these dubious manifestations is unreasonable and just plain silly. The forum is not a place for these types of personal confrontations. Dear friend, try to discuss the topic without injecting indictments of "Me" or "You People"...and try to especially refrain if there may be a chip on your shoulder. Just a bit of humble advice to you. These things can turn sour very fast and ruin a good discussion for everyone.

Paul Frederick West

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You are right you dont have to -- at least not because I said so.

Read Matthew 18. People on this forum called a Christian brother false without evidence. If this isnt the place to invoke a scriptural solution to sinful behavior this way, then maybe we shouldnt be dissing Christians so freely here if others arent allowed to take issue with it.

Your advice is not humble. You can spin "you people" all you want. Someone has attacked the integrity of a brother and an important piece of work and witness by him, which was offered to the glory of God.

No one has supported by any witness whatsoever that the condemnation of the man's work is supported by any evidence. Its not a chip. Its what the Bible said to do. I am pointing out the sin. Not bad character, body odor, lack of salvation, etc., etc. I make two charges only: 1. slander of a brother without evidence and 2. the failure to accept responsibility for mistakes without blaming the one who makes note of it.

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If you haven't noticed the original posting started with;

[i]I wonder how many of you who self righteously denounce the "Finger of God" message ...[/i]

Now couple that with;

Someone has attacked the integrity of a brother ...

Who shoulders the burden here? The original poster, out of the blue brings forth an assumption from who knows where, there is no other similar posting anywhere to draw from, it is an implication based on assumption.

No one has supported by any witness whatsoever that the condemnation of the man's work is supported by any evidence.

And no evidence was brought forth in it's [i]support[/i] in the original or from your self, other than the inference, "because I said so". If you wish to be contentious as a new member you have come to the wrong place.

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Mike Balog

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