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 Evangelism and Social Action

Today the whole concept of Evangelism and Social action is not properly understood. Some believe that Evangelism is the only primary concern of the church. So neglect social action. But some believe that social action is the major responsibility of the church and therefore social action and neglect Evangelism.

A careful study of the life and teaching of Jesus Christ reveals that Evangelism and social action are like two sides of a coin. They are two facets of the Christian faith. The prophetic word of Jesus Christ the Messiah by prophet Isaiah in 61:1-2 and its fulfillment in Luke 4: 14-32 reveals the fact that the social action is a legitimate part of Biblical Gospel
Jesus Christ during His earthly ministry made it very clear to His disciples and to all the hearers that He came not to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many (mark 10:45). In another occasion, Jesus emphasized “ I am among you as one who serves” (Luke 22:37). Giving His life as ransom is possible only through Christ but was to be the climax of a life of service. There is a deep sense in which we must take up our cross daily and follow the Master. “His cross was the propitiation for sin: our cross in the principle for service”. The in depth study of the life of Christ reminds us that it is highly impossible to separate His works form his words. He touched the leper, washed the feet of His disciples, fed hungry, encouraged the discouraged and proclaimed the kingdom of God.
The Great commission recorded in the Gospel of John has a special emphasis and explains the mission of the church as Christ has commanded that church. John 20:21 state “ As the father sent me, even so I send you” Christ came to serve the society of His time through word and Deed. Christ – the sent one sends His body- the church to follow His footsteps. It is clear that the Great commission gives place for both Evangelism and Social action. This truth is further explained when we understand the Great Commandment Jesus gave to His disciples, the command to “ Love your neighbor as yourself” Mark 12:31. If we truly start loving people as Christ loved us, then we will seek to minister the Gospel of Christ. Thus witnessing becomes an integral part of the Christian life. It is equally true that if we genuinely live our neighbors, we will not stop with evangelism but do best we can for their welfare and upliftment in the society. Because we love our neighbor as God make - Body, Soul and Spirit.

As Apostle Paul reminded about imitating Christ humility (phi. 2-5-8), we must be willing to renounce status and assume the role of a servant. Instead of expecting others to serve us. We ought to take up the towel and serve people in need. All the symbols of the Christian faith – manger, basin and cross – reveals the truth of serving others. John Stott rightly said “ it is in our servant role that we can find the right synthesis of evangelism and social action. For both should be for us, as they undoubtedly were for Christ, authentic expressions of the love that serves”
We must not forget another important aspect of Christian mission that is essential for ours: in order to serve, He was sent in to this world. In the priestly prayer of Jesus Christ, He said, As you send me in to the world, I also have send them in the world”. John 17:18. the history reveals that Christ did not suddenly appear in a desert and started teaching about the kingdom of God. He identified with Himself our humanity and went through the whole gamut of human experience. He identified with our poverty: He was born in a stable. He identified with our toil. He worked at a carpenter’s bench. He identified with our basic human needs; He knew what it was to be hungry, thirsty and tired. He identified with human culture and language. He was born as Jew and spoke Aramaic. He identified with our temptations: he was in every respect. Tempted as we are yet without sin (Heb 4:15) He identified with our suffering, he was called ‘ A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief” Isa 53”3 He even tasted our death. He died on the cross. And now Christ who has experienced every thing what we are experiencing today sends us into the world to identify with the culture language, pains, aspirations, sorrow and needs of the people.

Evangelism and Social action are important to Christian Missions. Both are genuinely distinct aspects of the total mission of the church, at the same time both are connected and inseparable. Evangelism is proclaiming the salvation message through Jesus Christ. Building personal relationship with the God Almighty. Social action is the attempt to meet physical needs of human beings. It has to do with taking care of poor, orphans and needy. I believe that they are partners to the wider mission of the church.

Christ is the model for us in doing both as and when the situation arises. During his earthly ministry he has done the same. To the sinners, he offered forgiveness. To the hopeless he gave hope. To the fearful, he offered peace. To the hungry He gave bread. The church needs to follow the same path of Christ. The church needs to understand the priorities right according to the context in which they are. It cannot compromise in the priorities. I personally believe that we are doing a serious injustice to them (those whose physical needs are met) if we don’t tell them about Christ. Life with out Christ meaningless. Serving the people with telling them about the loving and compassionate lord is completely wrong and seems to be an act that shows lack of love towards the people we help.

We believes and practices Evangelism and Social Action. Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the humanity. We have 34 churches (pastors) reaching 63 plus villages. We have 33 widows who are in desperate need to be met for their basic. 29 orphans who have lost their loving parents. We have burden for these people. Nothing is impossible to our Lord Jesus. We are praying to Lord to open the door for these people. If you are inspired by God to help them we will be grateful to you and accountable for every gift you send. It is possible through friends and prayer partners who have a heart for missions. May the good Lord shower ten thousand times blessing on you and your families and ministries. Let us continue evangelism and Social action as Christ has set us an example to follow.


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