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Discussion Forum : Articles and Sermons : A Salvation That Does Not Save by Greg Gordon

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also good points. the crux is this: no matter how much you profess, claim and believe in the salvation that Christ bought for us on the cross, if you go to your death holding onto hatred, holding onto unforgiveness towards others, Jesus tells us that we will be banished to eternal death.

consider the notion of the believer, on his deathbed, praying for Grace, but secretly holding onto hatred, asking God to punish his enemies. the hypocracy of this, and anything similar to it, stinks all the way up to heaven.


 2008/3/7 15:08



I guess that's why one must see themself as a SINNER in need of a savior.


 2008/3/7 15:57


Yes, Katy, exactly. When a person starts to think that faith in God and Christ can make one be able to live without sinning again, that is a step away from the reality that all humans are falible, save Christ Jesus. Only the Grace purchased on the cross can erase our sins from our lives. (it doesn't make us perfect, just acceptable to God.)


 2008/3/7 16:50


Hi Bubbaguy,

There is genuine EVIDENCE of our faith in Christ, as we live by the Faith OF longer I but Christ in me.

If one is still holding onto some form of hate.....

Well, I won't say their not saved, as only God can judge such things, but they certainly will have a fruitless life in that area.

We see the man who died with Jesus at Calvary, the only thing he had to bare was his time to bare/bear fruit.

You know Bubbaguy, somethings in life are so horrible, that it takes many times a mighty intervention and touch from God to be able to forgive.

If your daughter or son were raped and you think that would come instantly out of your own self? NO. Yet all we can say at times is Lord, I can't forgive, but YOU through me CAN. I will to do your will. Make my heart ONE with you.


 2008/3/7 16:58



you are really hitting the mark today. I struggle everyday trying to forgive my ex-wife of the horrible things she did. and every morning i get up and have to do it over again.


But i know that i will not receive Grace unless i do. (and i know that carrying unforgiveness in your heart will wear a person down to the bone.)


 2008/3/7 17:20


Bubba, I know exactly what you mean. Been there myself.

One thing I learned, is that the Lord actually allows these things to come into our lives, and knowing we can't in an of our self forgive some horrible offence toward us, He actually uses it to conform us to His Image.

Through it we learn how to allow the Lord's Life in us to manifest the fruit of the Spirit.

Remember the saying...Lord give me patience? You know how he does that? Not by just plopping patience in our lap, but by trials and difficulties .

James chapter 1 is the perfect place to go here.

Count it ALL Joy my friend. Use everything that comes at you.

You know too, many have misquoted a scripture that needs to be addressed.

Do we give thanks for all things? Or do we give thanks IN all things.

We don't give thanks for evil, this is for sure, but we give thanks while evil lurks around us. By doing so, Giving thanks gets our mind OFF the circumstances and our mind On Christ.

AAAAAAAHHHH! This is the secret!

As we become more and more conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ, Bubba, you will wake up one morning....never struggling again with the issue of your x wife, and find yourself loving her in a way you never loved before. Not with a human love but AGAPE Love. His Love.

Love is an act of the will, not the emotions!

God Bless!

 2008/3/7 18:44

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