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May I add without prejudice: IN ME


""" Re:
Because of who you are, IN ME, I give you GLORY: IN ME
Because of who you are, IN MEI give you PRAISE:IN ME
Because of who you are, IN ME I will lift my voice

Lord I worship you because of who
You are! IN ME

Lord I worship you because of who
You Are! IN ME

JEHOVA NISSIE, Lord you reign in victory IN ME
JEOHVOA SHILOH, my prince of peace IN ME

Lord I worship you because of who you are IN US
Lord I worship you because of who you ARE"""

Christ in me: Phillip


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Christ in me , the hope of Glory.........Frank

 2008/3/2 11:18

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Hear! Hear! thanks for expressing the word of God within you..Christ in us ..such a great hope is this! Less of me and more of you Jesus! We are His workmanship..created for good works IN Christ..He is the Author and the finisher of our faith..He causes us to triumph..He has given us all things pertaining to godliness..He is the word of our testimony..that nothing can steal away our great assurance..our faith..what He has done for us and through us..these things we always remember..none can take what is ours..our inheritance and holding fast to Him we are able to overcome the accuser of the brethren.

Until Christ be formed in us all..let us continue to build each other up..I am encouraged by brethren such as yourselves. These same words you speak,are the thoughts that fill my mind and heart all the day never seem to argue or fight don't put people down or accuse them simply speak the truth with conviction and love..I am glad to be upheld by your pleasant example..such tenderheatedness!

We are so blessed to have such a mighty Savior to keep us so close to Himself..He never tires of listening to every thought we express..every question..and He always knows exactly where we are coming from ..seeing the deepest motives of our hearts..when others misjudge our intentions..It is Him who is creating us anew..sometimes it feels as though it were everymoment we are being transformed into His image..molding us as the Potter ,the clay.. jointly fitting us to gether,encouraging ,instructing,correcting and empowering us to become more as He is..He knows this is the greatest desire of our hearts and He will do it! Let us abide in love and mercy..against which there is no love fulfills the law. Rejoice!

And isn't it great that when we have confessed our sins and turned away from unrighteousness, He puts a NO FISHING sign there..cleansing our conscience of dead works? Such was the price of our freedom..His sacrifice..perfecting once for all,those who are being sanctified. Just as if we'd never sinned..Jesus our justification! Who will never leave us nor forsake us!


Thought you might enjoy this little song from my early days as a psalmist. It's been ringing through my heart today.

The Potter, the clay GMS 1980

Just as the Potter, the clay
Make Your love in me to stay
Mold me into Your image, my God
And if I should go astray
Turn me round that very day
Don't let me go on without you,Lord

For.. You are my heart's desire
I am so on fire!
To be..just like You!

And so lead me by the hand
Help me to make a stand
To walk in Your Spirit,my God
And give me the strength I need
To deny myself and heed
Your precious and holy Word

For.. You are my heart's desire
I am so on fire!
To be just like You!

G.M. (Destiny) Sweet

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Amen Destiny, no fishing signs, and may our hearts always be on fire with His desires.........Frank

 2008/3/3 10:36

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Quiero verte mas, conocerte mas, y ablarte mas
Que aller senor, solo en ti esta pertecta paz,
Y fuerzas de Victoria.

Yo ester sonando en ti en ti esta mi fuerza quando ya
No puedo mass, y al mirar vere tu Gloria tu mahestar
Tu honra tu rostro yo vere.

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Destiny sweet, I would like to share something with you from a friend of mine

(Meek Flower) it’s a word that’(s) been broken down in a word study.

The word, Meek is very symbolic God’s word says I believe, in the book of Psalms, that the Meek shall inherit the land.

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The word is REPENT

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1. English Word -- Repent (noun-Repentance)

2. English Definition - "To feel such remorse or regret for past conduct as to change one's mind regarding it"

3. Comparision Of Translations Luke 13:3
"Repent: - NIV, NASB, KJV,Amplified, ect.
"Turn from your sins" - Good News Bible
"Leave your evil ways and turn to God" - Living Bible

4. Original Word and Short Definition

"metanoeo" (Greek) "to change one's mind"
"metamelomai" (Greek)"to regret or show remores"

5. Interesting Insights

. The word is never used in the gospel ofJohn;
but it is used in Revelation 12 times.
. The author Luke used it the most (Luke and Acts).
. Repentance is not emphasized much in the Epistles because they were written to believers.

6. Root Meaning and Origin

Metanoeo -- literally means "to perceive afterwards." It is made up of two Greek words: Meta, which means "after" (implying change), and noeo, which means "to perceive" (nouns is Greek for "the mind").

From this we get the meaning of "to change one's mind or purpose." In the New Testament this change is always for the BETTER, and it denotes a genuine, complete change of heart and life.

Not only does it imply a turning away (negative) from sin, but a turning to (positive) that which is right and godly. It means more than just feeling sorry for wrong you've done. It also means to completely change your mind about the sin and go a different way.

Metamelomai comes from meta ("after") and melo ("to care for").(Luty)It means to regret or express remorse for something you wish you hadn't done. It means to have painful anxiety (sorrow) over a past deed. This is not genuine repentance. It means to regret something you did without ever really changing your mind about it. ("I'm sorry i got caught, but I'm not sorry I did it." Or, "I'm not sure I wouldn't do it again.") The best illustration of this is Judas. He was regretful for betraying Jesus (metamelomai - Matthew 27:3), but he never genuinely repented of it (metanoeo).

7. How the Word ws Used

A. In other words: Metanoeo was not used much in classical Greek literature. When the word was used, it did not mean the radical change of a man's life as a whole as it does in the New Testament.

B. Throughout the Bible:

. Repentance (naham) in the Old Testament is seen most clearly in Ezekiel 18 and 33:10-20

. "REPENT" was the basic message of John the Baptist (Matt.3:2), Jesus (Matt. 4:17), the 12 disciiples (Mark 6:12), Peter at Pentecost (Acts 2:38).

. It is commanded by God for everyone (Acts 17:30, 2 Peter 3:9).

. It is part of saving faith (Luke 13:5, Acts 3:19).

. It produces joy in heaven (Luke 15:7, 10).

. It is proven by our actions (Acts 26:20).

. Jesus used the word 17 times in the Gospels and 8 times in Revelation.

. What causes us to repent?

-God's goodness to us (Rom. 2:4)
-Godly sorrow for our sin (2 Cor. 7:9 - 10)
-God's grace (2 Tim. 2:25)

. It is a foundational truth of the Christian Life (Heb. 6:1).

9. In the Context of the Passage: 2 Corinthians 7:9-10

This verse shows the difference between genuine repentance (metanoeo) and mere regret (metamelomal). Real godly sorrow brings about genuine repentance. This brings about a change of life, not just regret.

"Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance, and patience, not realizing that God's kindness leads you toward repentance?" (Romans 2:4)

Sin to Confess / Attitude to Change

I have held a personal grudge in my heart against John ever since the incident in the mountains last fall. It has put a strain on our relationship. The Lord has convicted me about this in the past, but I have put off making restitution. I know I have sinned. I want to repent of this sin now,(Hug). Tomorrow afternnon I will go to John and ask his forgivness(Hug).
I want to straighten this matter out.

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Destiny Sweet,

I just want to say, that we must be like Ezekiel and speak only the words that he would have us to speak.

I apply the teaching on Repentence to my life as we all should.

We must never think that we can speak a word from the Lord, without recognizing that as Isaiah spoke of himself when he said, that he was a man of unclean lips, we too must repent the Holy Spirit within us will quicken us to do this.

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Thank you for sharing. God Bless you.

I agree whole heartedly in following the example of King say only what and to go only where the Father says and shows.. sometimes what we say is something that actually needs to be said..we are divinely inspired to say it..sometimes it is something you 'just want to say.' God knows which is which even when it becomes muddy.

I appreciate the genuine prayers and encouragement from those who have been able to die to their own agendas,grudges,habitual pointing of the finger at others, compulsive need to debate minor details ad naseum etc.but some of you folks need to relax..the friendly fire is becoming downright disheartening. I forgive you..and ask you to lighten up already..I am not your enemy..I am with you though my style is different,I am not against you.

I have been communing with the Lord over the last week on the subject of true meekness..I have not spared myself in this..not looking to hold onto excuses..not wanting to argue points with folks who only see what they want to see..I am able to hear what you are saying and what the Lord has to say about what you say and what the scriptures say as many of the same scriptures others somehow know how to post along with their writings I have been given too during the same morning quiet time.. but I do not type well and I speak from my heart..I am not fancy on the computer yetAnd to quote all the verses that god puts on myheart without whatever you guys are using is too difficult..i do not know if you would look them up if I only listed the address..and when I see the others putting them in before and behind my post I am glad..see we all have the fullness when we work together..however coarse my style may seem to you ..and I have laid my heart bare.. I have been open w/people here. My heart does not condemn me before God..I am not one to leave the work in progress and skim over an area once He brings it to my attention..we continue to examine it together..Jesus and I. At present I am loathe to argue with people about what is meant and/or what is not meant..somehow this has lost attraction due to God's gracious forgiveness and help in resisting the urge to defend myself or to debate with folks who already think they know where I am coming from..I am asking ,for mercy's sake ,for you all to reconsider the next time you feel inclined to lecture me on humilty/hypocrisy and you are angry in your heart towards me..accusing me of being demon filled or whatever sly innuendo,or witty putdown comes into the part of your mind that is not yet transformed ..the part that isn't the mind of Christ in His awesome perfection yet..I trust Him to do this in me as well.He knows that I do not lie. What would be the point in that?

I have read again the recently reposted goal of Sermonindex and am glad for the help in staying with that focus while sharing on the site..grateful for the mission statement reiterated. A gentle word from a moderator will suffice if I am too eccentric or forget myself in my enthusiam.

I have been asking God and He has given me permission to share something the Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart over this past week.

I was sitting at His feet where I had been weeping and confessing my sins... at peace and forgiven..He had moved us on and we had a different focus than the sins that were washed clean.He was talking about many wonderful things regarding the kingdom of well as helping me to understand how He would have me deal with my confessed lack of trust in people. He was saying how I didn't have to accept everything that others served up to me..or believe all their suspicions,not being upset by them, continually having to second quess myself,is that me Lord? .. That it was what He said about me that would remain..that He was in Control of my growth and developement..and since He was the only one who could discern the motives of my heart..that I should take other's words to Him 1st(as I have been trained to do)and if they were current or relative to something He was working on in me that I would know. This is as it should be..Relying on Him and being open to hear what others are saying.

Then He showed me something that lightened the load of so many accusations..both past and present.

A few women and men were milling about..listening in on conversations in a gathering..joining in here and there...they hovered over everyone else (who were sitting). In these hovering folks hands were large slices of humble pie..they were real intent upon serving up these slices to individuals that were sharing their hearts..but they seemed to be out of some delayed motion thing timing wise. Those who were speaking often had similar questions or concerns and oftimes the mood was very receptive and kindly..sometimes it was tense depending upon who was speaking or answering..some were just calm and convinced of what they were sharing..some were softspoken,gentle and used few words,some fevent and verbose,all were sincere..some were right and some were mistaken..all seemed to be aware that they were not alone..Jesus was sitting in the midst of everyone and He was turning to each of the speakers and discreetly speaking to each one's heart ..they would then either beam with joy or shake their heads in agreement..or weep and apologize.confessing their sins to Him and sometimes to others,who having compassion sought to comfort and extend forgiveness rapidly and joyfully... To every one who was sitting down at His feet ,He surreptiously handed them a slice of this humble pie and they would chew it slowly,swallowing and when He saw that they only needed to digest what they had swallowed..He took the plate back and stacked it near His wounded feet. However the ones who were still moving about having found such pleasure in serving up the pie often missed these exchanges and would push their way right into any person's personal space and shove the pie under their nose,frowning and quoting scriptures. Insistant and demanding..these were often distracting the others taking them off point and
causing the group as a whole to loose the original focus of the order to prove their point.
A few of these came to me at once, all holding out a piece for me and Jesus seeing my hurt and confusion ..asked them if they would please sit down ..and eat the piece they were holding.."She's already had the piece that I gave her..kindly give her the opportunity to digest it.What you are left holding in your hand is for you..sit down and chew slowly..and don't talk with your mouth full,it's bad manners."

Needless to say this comforted me ..but I am not so proud or foolish as to think I am not also that server at I turned it around upon myself for a day or so and we examined why this was so displeasing to it grieves His heart when we do this.I take it to heart asking God to please ..before I post my thoughts to a person ..if I am being like this..let me see a slice of humble pie that has my name on it..and hear Him say.."Perhaps you'd better back off,sit down and chew slowly..the piece you are holding belongs to you."

I'm becoming more convinced that true meekness is able to resist the temptation to point out where others in Christ have not yet attained perfection in meekness..true meekness perhaps covers and prays believing..then does not become as a clanging cymbal when folks are resting and rejoicing in the peace God has given after repentance. May we all be in sync when we speak..not with what we want to say but what God askes us to share ..and then for good measure..before responding..go off the computer for a day or two before throwing your 2cents worth into the fray..let us live one another,judge not lest ye be judged..resisting the devil and his accusing tone.

Thank you for your consideration..and respecting one anothers boundaries..we are not to be busybodies..meddling where we are not called to speak.. Allow the Holy Spirit to convict each other of sin ..this is not our mission..I sense that God is speaking to all of us the same in this.

I am committed to make peace and to walk in love with you The Spirit of the the Most High God..The Son..the Lord Jesus Christ and The Father God..may we become more like Him.

G.M. (Destiny) Sweet

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