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thanks saints for all the links, but that was not my problem (I knew all those links).

My Problem is that there is so many stuff out there and I am wondering if there is something like a "best-of" booklist with the best books about revival. The real problem is not that there isn't any stuff, but that there is so many stuff, and some books are very frustrating, because their focusing only on outside things (like how many converts etc...) or are trying to fit some revivals into their doctrinal camp etc. I don't want that. I want books that are simply telling what really happened and what god did.

I am especially interested in books that are retelling the revival or books that are telling stories of revival,not books about teachings on revival (if a book contains both, thats ok). But I am interested in what GOd did, in Gods HISstory.
Every revival in the history is a historic cornerstone or "sign" of the living god in the history of mankind.

please excuse my bad english, I think it is often the cause of misinterpretation.

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