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 Fig Leaves

Fig Leaves

It seems that when I commit a sin whether it is most disgusting or just a random act of Disobedience, I run and hide from God. I want to do just as Adam and Eve did and go jump into the nearest bush. I then proceed to find fig leaves to cover myself with. Why is it that as someone who has been cleansed by the perfect blood of the Lamb of God I still feel there must still be some of my sin on me? Is this not just another ploy of Satan to defeat my service to God? Why is it as Christians, we run and hide from God, not wanting Him to see us in our sins, knowing the whole time that if we are in Christ, He doesn’t see our sins but the blood of His Son. We waste so much time hiding from God when we should be running to Him. Our sins are cleansed they are washed away, Christ paid the Ransom on the Cross there is no debt left for us to pay. Why can we not live in this freedom and just serve Him, why is it that every time we stumble we want to wallow in the mire for a little bit. Do we not understand the totality of this forgiveness that Christ has given us through His sacrifice? Are we doing as the Galatians and trying to earn or keep our salvation through our works? Is this not a slap in the face of our wonderful savior? Is this not the ultimate blasphemy of the Lamb that was Slain? For pitiful man to try and pay back or add to, or think in some how he can take away from that Blood that covers all the sins of His people? Is this not the height of Arrogance and the epitome of Pride? Brothers and Sisters it is time we quit hiding behind the fig leaves of our pitiful self-righteousness and ran to our Father’s loving embrace. There is nothing left to pay, nothing left to say only His grace to be had. Run to Him now! Run!

John Graves

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