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thing is some of these hard rock musicians are really good at what they do. (Sorry, I don't count Kiss in this group.)

LOL..I have heard that from as far back as I remember and I agree with you on that!I just liked the makeup and fireworks.
The music that I do listen to now and feel good about is Keith Green,Michael Sweet and a handful of other christian artists.
I wish there were more artists like these.Although I still listen to Stryper and some people consider them fakes. I do not feel that way.Other than that, I rarely listen to music at all.


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Some music has a spiritual power behind it, for good or ill. The spirit of some music is evil.

I was addicted to reading - fantasy books and science fiction especially. It wasn't till I'd been a Christian for 16 years that I let the Lord free me from it. And it was only after that that I realised that much science fiction and fantasy is occult-related and therefore deeply influenced by evil.

Now, most of it is like poison to me. ...Even some of the more fantastical and wierd stories of Christian writers such as George Macdonald (if you know his writings)...

Don't wait as long to get free of it as I did, Brother! Much rock music is demonic - sometimes even if it has good words.

Some Christian rock groups or musicians [i]may[/i] be OK, (I used to like Don Francisco's songs very much, though his music is far from being "hard rock") but "when in doubt, don't"!



 2008/2/15 15:12

 Re: Is it Dangerous?

jamccor said

I wish there were more artists like these.

Please try to tune your ear into some of this man's songs.

Some are a simple retelling of scripture in rhyme - but he has a variety of styles, and is always pithy.


Also, he has made his older music free to download - although a donation is requested - and if you can afford the oldies cds, the variety increases.

Freely, you can burn your own compilations for use in evangelism.

 2008/2/15 15:52

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jammcor I am encouraged by your willingess to obey the Lord in this matter. I wish more christians would examine the practices they have, such as what T.V. shows they watch as well as movies. This world has so infiltrated our minds that we dont even recongnize it as sin anymore.

This is something I have recently become convicted over, I try to examine things before I watch them, which means there are not a lot of choices for entertainment out there. Almost all televsion and movies are based on some sort of sin and we as christians are called to abstain from fellowshipping with such things.

just some food for thought

John Graves

 2008/2/15 16:31Profile


Thanks Linn, I may give the site a look in.

I loved the oldie, "the thief on the Cross" for example, especially the words, but haven't heard any of his newer songs; partly because of finances, partly because my musical taste has moved on a little.

In fact, the [i]only[/i] song of his that seemed to me to have a wrong [i]spirit[/i] (nothing to do with the words) wasn't a Biblical one but a song defending rock music!



 2008/2/15 16:35


Krispy, I like you, too! I don't care what anybody says. :-)

you are right, i don't believe the Bible is inerrant. only God is perfect. but nevertheless i have confidence in the Bible's accounts of Jesus, because several authors relate common and complimentary accounts of His teachings, His works, His birth, life and death and resurrection. and the Holy Spirit confirms this and convicts me, as well.

(just look at the many different versions of the Bible and the various ways words have been translated in each of these versions. some end up with opposite meanings for the same verses.)

but the point here is that music (or art or writing) by people of other faiths or no faith can undermine you, and that you should avoid these. and my point is, let your conscience guide you. there ain't no one size fits all in these kinds of matters. if you feel confused and still have questions about it, pray about it and ask God. i think you will get your answer.


 2008/2/15 16:48

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listen to this sermon by Lou Sutera on romans 1

Romans 1:32
32 Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.
Read the whole chapter and listen to the sermon.
We as followers of christ are to give up the things of the world.
When I got saved, I had been a great fan of Queen.
A famous rock group. It wasnt necessarialy the words that we listen to, but it was part of it..
It was the fact that as a believer and follower of Christ I was approving of there life style and life by enjoying their music, I was apporving of them if I continued to let them give me enjoyment.
I missed them at first, I missed the worlds music at first...
But I chose to put the world behind me, and my affections of this world that will lead you to destruction if you will let them.
I have and we must have new affections, Godly music, Not every group with the Label, Christian music, or contemporary christian music, Is of God or edifying or pleasing to God. It can and often IS the devils music discuised as Christian music.
Listen to Keith Daniels "Warning to America Sermon:"
I know it can be hard at first but when you purpose in your heart to leave this world behind and its earthly pleasures. The famous Quote said by Leonard Ravenhill, I think the Devils substitute for Joy is Entertainment.
The gods of this world are Music and sport.
And of course the other big one Mammon. MONEY!!!

I hope this helps.
God bless.


 2008/2/15 17:50Profile

 Re: Is it Dangerous?


jamccor wrote:
I have a question. I have always been a fan of rock music,especially kiss.Now that I have been saved,I still have a desire for their music.I dont listen to them but I still like to catch up on them via the internet.Is this harmful to my spiritual life? I know that to some people,it wont affect them,but others,it may.How do I know what is right and what is wrong?


It's not that the music (or the words) that will send you to hell but where does it lead you to?

It may not be for you but for me, music is a trigger. If I'm not careful with what stations I listen to, I can hear a song that sends me back to the days of dancing on the dance floor and there I go, back in time to the supposedly good ole days with my thoughts and if I entertain it too long, one song leads to another and I start compromising... like, "I could just "visit" a time or two, that couldn't hurt, I used to have so much fun." LOL No telling where my thoughts will end up. Been there, done that, bought several outfits.

All I'm saying is that FOR ME, around music (as well as other things), I have to guard my heart and not allow it into my car or home to begin with. I usually keep my radio on a news channel or keep a sermon in the CD player or the best thing I've found is to just keep it turned off.

[edit]It also depends on where we want to go with the Lord and what we are willing to give up. Art Katz talked about NEVER reading again one of his favorite secular authors after he came to know Jesus. It's about letting the world "in us" go so we can draw closer to Him.[unedit]

The Word says "work out your own salvation with fear and with trembling." This is something that you must be convinced of in your walk with Him. Seek HIM for all things!!!

God bless you in your walk with Him!!

 2008/2/15 20:19

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 Re: Is it Dangerous?


In your walk with the LORD you will encounter many times things that raise red flags and now you wonder "should I?" If you take these questions, give them credibility and learn to say "NO" you will find the answer. The problem is we do not want to deny ourselves of anything that we want! Don't want to discourage you, but this is a life long process. The devil will not give up on you until you die!


Sandra Miller

 2008/2/15 22:22Profile

 Re: Is it dangerous?

ginnyrose said

The devil will not give up on you until you die!

And this is one of the most reassuring things about our walk in God!

It falls into the same category as two of Paul's rhetorical questions:

Galatians 5:11
And I, brethren, if I yet preach circumcision, [b]why do I yet suffer persecution?[/b] then is the offence of the cross ceased.

1 Cor 15:30
And why stand we in jeopardy every hour?

And one statement from Paul:

Philipp 1:28
And [u]in nothing terrified by your adversaries[/u]: which is to them an evident token of perdition, [u]but to you of salvation[/u], and that of God.

Brother, I'm just beginning to learn the blessed reassurance of such thoughts - that if we were not on track for pleasing God, His enemies would not give so much attention to drawing us off the highway to holiness.

Last night (nothing to do with this thread) I had a really clear picture of how the choices we make - usually according to the conditioning of our past lives - may set us on a collision course with God which we cannot avoid, and shouldn't want to; but then, as best we can, we should regard this as His [i]goodness[/i] to us to show us early the areas of our life where we are most self-reliant, and therefore, least trusting Him, and should [i]expect[/i] to make changes which communicate to Him that He Himself is becoming our stronghold.

 2008/2/16 6:44

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