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 GODS Rest

Matthew 11:28-30 in JESUS words says Come to ME all you who labor and are heavey laden and I will give you rest. Take MY yoke upon you and learn from ME for I am gentle and lowly in heart and you will find rest for your souls. For MY yoke is easy and MY burden is light.

A seed must completely die before GOD raises it back up. What that means is GOD raises it back up by releasing us into a greater plan and purpose for our lives. The Christian life is a death to self so HE might live through us. HE offers us rest for our souls when we are quiet and still before HIM knowing that HE is GOD. As we rest in HIM HE makes us whole, complete in HIM lacking nothing.

HE becomes our strength. All else pales in knowing HIM to HIS surpassing greatness. We need to lay down our lives in submission as we put our complete trust and confidence in HIM and rest quietly before HIM. In the Bible in 1 Peter it says a meek and quiet spirit is very precious in the sight of GOD.

Meekness is about having a submissive sprit to the LORD. To have a meek spirit we have to completely trust GODS plan because insecurity will steal meekness. Meekness invites HIM into our hearts and allows HIM to do HIS work as we place ourselves under submission. It is yielding what we think are our rights and expectations to what GOD says HE wants to do. It is saying yes LORD I want YOUR will done in my life. It is a work GOD does in our hearts as we obey and trust HIM.

It is a continual process of coming back to the foot of the Cross and totally dying to self and being remade into HIS image. HE gives us the strength and ability to lay down at HIS feet. Being able to rest comes because of what HE did on the cross. When we trust in HIM HE gives us peace and joy and restores our soul. We can rest in HIS loving presence drawing strength and comfort from HIM. In Isaiah it says in quietness and trust is your strength.

It is a rest from trying to bear the burden ourself or striving to make something work but allowing GOD free reign of our lives.If we struggle with HIM and groan in agony then we're not accepting HIS will and that is sin. It is a continual dwelling in HIS Presence and accepting the work HE wants to do within us. HE desires for us to dwell here in cpomplete peace as we rest in HIM. We enter into the rest through faith in CHRIST.

So I encourage you to come in humble submission and obedience ad enter to the rest HE has for you which HE offers out of love. May we bow down at HIS feet in worship and submission. Here is a song I like that talks about how GOD will come and save us even when we are resting in HIM.

Say to those who are fearful hearted
Do not be afraid
The Lord your God will come
And with His mighty arm
When you call on His Name
He will come and save you
He will come and save you
He will come and save you
Say to the weary one
Your God will surely come
He will come and save you
He will come and save you
Lift up your eyes to Him
You will arise again
He will come and save you
Say those who are broken hearted
Do not lose your faith
The Lord your God will come
And with His loving hand
When you call on His Name
He will surely come
He is our refuge in the day of trouble
He is our shelter in the time of storm
He is our tower in the day of sorrow
Our fortress in the time of war

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