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There are at least three positive functions evident in each testing.The first purpose of testing is to REVEAL.For a event to be called a test it must drive us to a new limit beyond our comfort zone and previous knowledge of ourselves or God.When circumstances drive us beyond where we have been in the past we begin to see what we are made of, how strong we are, how patient, how faithful, how willing, and how convicted we are.It also tends to reveal our short comings and weakness.The second reason REFINING.When God starts to turn up the heat it tends to bring out the dross in us all.When this dross is revealed we are then able to address it and remove the flaws from our character.The final purpose is to STRENGTHEN us.By revealing and refining from our character everything that hinders our walk we are tempered for serving the kingdom.Testing is a form of love


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 Re: Testing

Amen, So Thank God for Tests. :-) There is also a great Joy in knowing one did well in the Test. Thank God that tests don't destroy us, but they make us more presious than Gold.


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