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 Integrity - adding or subtracting

This is about editing our posts after people have responded to them. This may only be a very small minority yet I have seen this just yesterday again and in a big enough way to bring it up and ask that we have integrity in our posting.

When we add large enough amounts to our original post that another has already replied to and subtracted anything - that is not an honest thing to do.

Unless we MUST for some reason do such - then we should type - "Edited to add" - but not to subtract.
That is why years ago on another forum, we were told to download threads right after we posted and I have felt very uneasy inside to have to do that. One fellow changed his posts on that other forum 10 days later, which made those who's replies followed his, look strange.

Thank you for your consideration Brethren.

Edited to fix spelling on title. :-D

 2008/2/11 1:57

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 Re: Integrity - adding or subtracting

An abuse of any these privileges will find one removed from participation here;


[b]What is not tolerated[/b]

Slander. Ill-will. Unnecessary accusations, comments.

The issue is one of order rather than control. We allow as much patience as possible for corrections and apologies. Please make your corrections with a follow up reply, rather than by use of the edit function. There has been a misuse of this in the past where whole sections have been removed from an ongoing thread, making it now disconnected, like removing pages from a book. Please use the edit function for spelling corrections and if needed within the body of a post, please add a footnote to that which has been changed and why.

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Mike Balog

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