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Hemel Hempstead

 There is going to be no Television in Heaven: Society in Heaven

Most of the west spends time on the box what are people going to do when they get to heaven and they will have to talk to people.
We are so unsociable people!
Imagine the Art in heaven which has been painted by the Masters and they have had thousands of years to work on Songs, charles wesley writting hymns with Fanny Crosby.

Will christian get a shock at the society in heaven.

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: There is going to be no Television in Heaven: Society in Heaven

good word deltadom

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Minnesota, USA

 Re: There is going to be no Television in Heaven: Society in Heaven

When I was in my 20's and 30's, I was so addicted to television. I could recite the TV Guide forward and backward. How I loved television! My programs took first priority in my life, even though I called myself a Christian! (But, I had only recited "the sinner's prayer." There was no regeneration.)

As I got into my thirties I began to think about life more seriously. I think most people do. My relationship with God, too. I wasn't a "heathen," after all. I was going to church (Word of Faith) and I felt I truly loved God. I was considered quite spiritual actually. Four years ago, I performed a self-examination and look at each area of my life. When I looked at the things I was watching on television, I was disgusted. Legalized voyeurism! Lust, perversion, greed, pride, rebellion - all celebrated and awarded!

Even in my unsaved state, I couldn't bear it anymore. I knew it had to be a grief to God, too, if I couldn't stand it. So, four years ago, I cancelled the subscription to all of my local and cable programming. I kept the television though. After all, I could still use it to watch movies. At least I could "monitor" what was coming into my house. It worked for a short time. Not really being saved, I was soon back to renting whatever movie looked interesting to me.

This past January, I started feeling a tug in my spirit. I had no idea what it was. I was on my computer one evening looking for something and I was prompted to click on a link to a video on YouTube. I never went to YouTube because of the filth they're known to have. But, still, I felt a strong (I won't say urge) prompting to click on that link. For the life of me, I can't remember what the video was. But when I was done watching that, there was another video, in the list to the right, that drew my attention. Paul Washer's Shocking Message to Youth!

I remembered thinking, "Someone is making fun of God again, this is just terrible." I was angry. I clicked on the video to prove myself right and thought I would watch for only a minute. I watched the [i]full hour[/i], in utter shock and horror! Here's what was going through my mind:

"What is this teaching? I've never heard this in my life! Is he a false teacher? My heart is screaming that he's not because these are things I've felt in my heart but could never put into words! These are things I've thought about when sitting in the Word of Faith churches years ago! (I had left the Word of Faith movement, and, unfortunately, all churches, eight years previously.) This preaching hurts so much but I [i]know[/i] it's right! I just know it is! My spirit feels like it's praising God! But, this means I'm not a True Christian! I've been living life deceived! I could have died anytime in the last 24 years and I would have gone straight to hell! Oh, God save me!"

I'm telling you the truth, I was never so scared in my life! I had to talk to someone! I had to or I would die, it was that serious! I couldn't think about anything else! Going to work seemed so odd and unthinkable to me. "How can people continue their lives in the same way when this teaching is out there?" I had no one to talk to though and I was too scared to talk to God! I couldn't put two words together to speak this Holy God that I have grieved. The next day I called Paul Washer's ministry and spoke to someone there and was comforted. This gospel really is true! It's not fake! This put me on the road to being born-again, saints! Just this January! Glory to His name! (That's when I found this website and you have all seen me walk and grow daily!)

I tell my testimony in this thread because it's so very relevant to television. Even though I quit watching television four years ago, I was still watching movies. Do you know, that since I watched that Paul Washer video that I have not watched a single movie since then? I don't have the faintest desire to, either! I immediately cancelled my subscription to NetFlix. One year ago, I bought a 40" LCD Sony Bravia televsion and it's become a horror to even think of having it in my home! I don't want it! I asked God to help me sell it and He did! The man is coming to pick it, and the DVD player, up TOMORROW!

Since I've been saved, I've done nothing but wake up, fill myself with the Word, go to work, come home and fill myself with more of the Word. I have also watched and listened to sermon after sermon after sermon here on SI and on Sermon Audio. Saints, I'm telling you the truth, I still can't get enough! All of the classic great men of God and, especially, dear brothers Leonard Ravenhill and Keith Daniel! It's all I do! It's all I [i]want[/i] to do! I can't begin to tell you about all of the changes God has wrought in my life since January 10th! Everything about me has changed!

I don't know if this is proper to say, but I really want to: Please, Saints, get your television sets out of your homes. I know televisions aren't evil, just like money isn't evil. It's the love of it that is. When you get rid of your television, a whole new world opens up to you. You have more time than you could ever dream of to soak in God's Word and His presence! You'll have time to get all the things done that need to be done in the day. You'll have time to spend with your families that you weren't taking advantage of before. Television is a trap. When the occasional good show or movie comes along that you would like to watch, you can always do so on your computer or at a friend's house. You can get the news on your computer, too. Get rid of your TVs. Surrender it to God. It destroys so many people's lives. Don't think you can't live without it. You can! Don't doubt it! I was addicted, too, but I never missed it. Not one program or for one moment.


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