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My daughter was in an art gallery with a friend of her's from college who is not a Christian or goes to church or anything.

My daughter saw a picture of Israel in the wilderness with the golden calf, but she could not see Moses in the picture.

She said to her friend, 'I can't see Moses.'

Her friend replied, 'Who's Moses?'

My daughter thought what!

So she said, 'In that picture with the golden calf'

Her friend didn't know what the golden calf was or anything.

I only posted this to say what most of us already know and can see.

This generation knows almost nothing about God, the Bible or related subjects, except perhaps Christmas and Easter.

Most don't go to church, or have any concept of what church is about anyway.

They just suppose that Church is boring, even though they don't go.

But then, when God is not in what we do, and everything is to please people and not God, then what we get is what we see nowadays, churches geared toward pleasing people instead of God.

Sad, but true.

Oh, by the way, she saw Moses in the picture!

God bless.

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[url=]'Who is this 'guy' I don't know him?'[/url]


[url=]Who is this Po, I don't know him?[/url]

This is the [u]reality[/u]! And what our schools and societies and families produce!

This day, the Lord still seats at the mercy seat, and everyone who will call upon His name and repent and turn from the wicked ways will find mercy and grace and will be saved! But the time is running out.

Mat 16:4 A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.

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I briefly checked out the American link but stopped after the college kid said "If the human mind conceives it, it can't be wrong."

Wow. There is no way that any sane person would reach that conclusion on their own. Modern society is now producing the highest level of imbecility in the entire history of civilization.



Mike Compton

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Compton wrote:
Modern society is now producing the highest level of imbecility in the entire history of civilization.

I think you are not far from the truth.

EDIT: I posted few other videos here, taken from other thread. But after that I was not much at peace and had a battle in me should I leave them or delete them. So I decided to delete, thought are very informative and some others shared the same thoughts, I was afraid that for someone could be stumbling-block.

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When the Olympics were in Atlanta, the Governor of New Mexico called to get tickets. He was told he must call the Embassy in Mexico to get his tickets, as all foreigners had to go through their own embassy.

One of my favorites!


 2008/2/6 21:24

Joined: 2006/5/22
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Nottingham, England


Thanks for the videos. Pretty sick people about.

Can't think for themselves, others obviously have told them what to think and they comply without question.

Not that they don't question the word of God, because if they were really confronted with the gospel, the real 'them' would soon manifest.

Imbeciles is a fine word to describe them. Lost too.

My do we need revival.

God bless.

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