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 Re: What Are You Reading Right Now? (besides this)

Deeper Experience of Famous Christians, Lawson

Christian in Complete Armour, Gernall

Finished this one, but would highly, highly recommend it above anything I have read outside of Scripture: Purpose In Prayer, Bounds

As to the earlier comments, I have read other books (textbooks, military, etc), but these listed are ones that I think would benefit others in their walk.

Hal Bachman

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Thanks for the clarification, Krispy :-) I happen to read Newsweek when I can, I usually skim through to see if there are anything of interest. I always read the articles that the write on Christianity to see how they present it.

E.M. Bounds seems to be pretty popular as far as prayer books go, which is the best?

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I like to read a book for half an hour and then switch books, cycling through like TV episodes in order to maintain interest. This helps me read more. Ideally, I would spend three hours a day reading, but have yet to achieve this ideal on any regular basis.

"Holiness" by J.C.Ryle - Great thus far. I was told it will change me.

"Confessions" - Augustine - The first 250 pages were awesome and, at times, mind blowing. The last 100 are dragging a bit slow. He has a lot to confess.

"The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment - Jeremiah Boroughs - At first I was digging it, but became discontent and began reading another book. Just kidding. It's going nicely too.

A. W. Pink's "The Sovereignty of God" - just finishing it. Excellent.

"Profiting from the Scriptures" - A.W.Pink - Great little devotional. Cuts like a knife, heals like Neosporin.

"The Good Confession" and "Reformed Confessions Harmonized" - These are "required reading" for classes at church.

Seems like a lot at once, but I know people addicted to TV who watch six shows a day.

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Thahks for the reads on prayer. This is where God has been hitting me hard lately. Prayer and love are the greatest needs and prayer springs out of love. Denny Kenaston was talking about a book that Leonard Ravenhill said was the most important book he read after the bible. It was a biography of John Sung evangelist in China. I have looked and there is a: John Sung Flame For God In The Far East with copyright 1954 that is out of print. The author is Leslie T. Lyall. There is a recent John Sung biograghy by the same author with no title except Biography. Is anyone familiar with this? When a book has such high recommendations, it gets my attention. I would like to read it. The book can be bought used but is selling for 30-40 dollars and I hate to spend that especially if it isn't the right book. Thanks and Love, Barry

Barry Voss

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 Re: What Are You Reading Right Now? (besides this)

Two books currently reading me ...

[url=]Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod[/url] ~ [i]Thomas Brooks[/i]


Mike Balog

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