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 Oh what a Wonderful Life!

" And I will very gladly spend and be spent for you; though the more abundantly I love you, the less I be loved." 2 Corinthians 12:15

Oh my dear Brother, does this not move you to tears? What a Life did Paul live! What a man! Has it happened to you when somtimes we are reading God's Word, then a verse Hits you? Out of other verses we have read, one specific verse tuches us and one feels so unworthy to be a child of God.

What an example Paul sets for us all to follow. This verse shows a portion of how much he loved His brothers in Christ.

Brothers we are to follow all the good examples that have been given us. We are to love our Brothers and Sisters with the same love with wich God loved and still loves us. Oh what a beautyful experience is to know Love. I believe that Love can overcome everything if it is in Christ. Love at times may make us seem fools. It will make us do things that to others may seem unrational, and absurd. But Oh, how beautiful it is to love. Sometimes it may even Hurt to Love. It may at times cause abundance of tears. Oh brother and sister, Let everything we do be with Love. Let Love be without disimulation , meaning: Do not hide it, but show it for everyone to see it. Let this world know that Christ loves them by the Love they see radiating from you.

Oh what a great live we would all have if Love was the motivation, the impulse, the steering weel of our lives. It was Love for God that moved men and women to follow God with all they had. It was love that made Christ the Redemer of all the World. It was Love that moved the Great Apostles to preach the Gospell to all Nations. And so should love be what moves us to get deeper in the things of God. So should Love be what motivates us to Work in his Kingdom. So should love be the driving force that make us weep for Souls and for a Revival in this perverted Nation and World.

Brother/Sister, Let love unite us, and with unity we can bring down the Devil's strongholds in America, and in the entire World as well. One single fabric string is week, but when a couple of thousands are joined together, they form a strong Bond wich can resist and not brake even in extrem situations. So should we unite with Love in Christ to inflict as much damage to the Devil's kingdom as we can.

I belive it was R. A Torrey who once said that Prayer can do as much as God can Do, and God can do everything. So let us keep on fighting with the Whole armour wich God has provides us with. Let us reach our for souls, precious souls whom Christ died for , just as he died for us.

May God Bless you all. In Christ, you most unworthy Brother. Samuel


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