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 Re: Need comfort.

Heart break is always so hard. I am sorry to hear you are going through. The others are better at giving comfort. I hope you heal soon.

Lord, bind up his broken heart.


 2008/2/8 10:20Profile

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nfg22 wrote:
I do like what you have to say and I admit it is hard to hear. That is usually a good sign I need to do it.

Hi, Dylan.

I just want to encourage you on this. If you can get "quiet" enough to hear what that Still Small Voice is trying to say to you in your heart, and then if you will listen to that, and follow... He will lead you in a way which, though in the present moment it seems very hard to take that step... afterwards, you will never be able to thank Him enough for it.

But it will take faith to do that. And courage.


Allan Halton

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