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 He called my name

I know the Vine that I’m attached too. Jesus supplies me with all the atonement I need. The Spirit of Truth teaches me and reveals the things of Christ. I need no man to teach me. I know Who is the Husbandman of the vineyard, He that purges me.

I have a heart of love and charity and I will not go back to will worship. I bring forth good fruit from the vine and give God the glory. Men are robbers and thieves, claiming to be good. They rob God of His glory, trying to establish their own righteousness and are guilty of crucifying The Heir and are forever attempting to steal His inheritance.

God calls, and He that calls justifies us that are called. I didn’t know the Son and neither did I know the Father. I was in a desolate place and He came out to me and welcomed me home.There is only One that is good. Give Him all the glory.

I am not lost now and I am not going outside the fold because The One I'm in is in The Father even God.
I'm not looking back to the world but to the mother of Jerusalem, that City above, Zion were there is no darkness.

I’m have found the rest that was made for me when He called my name. There is nothing hard about keeping The Law if you count yourself dead.

Master means teacher, I learn from The Good Master, He that knows all things, not some Vichy type government set up by the Romans to appoint false priest to sit in the temple in Moses seat to beguile the people. Taking tribute from them as if they were strangers and not heirs of The Kingdom of God. It only took one night for that Babylonian whore to wilt.

Brothers and sister over come the world and be set free. He that is of the world can not please God. Stop digging around the roots and dunging a sick fig tree.

Wait on your Lord. The works you will perform after Salvation by Grace were ordained, not thought up.

We are part of the Body not part of The Head.
The world hates us. If you were of the world they would love you.

They that spit on Jesus will spit on you if you declare you are His deciple and not theirs because they don't want you near the flock they are fleecing for glory and gain.

Don't fear them, don't feed them, don't retaliate,
God repays justly, we we can't see the intent of their hearts.



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 Re: He called my name

He [i]called my name[/i], also.

Stop digging around the roots and dunging a sick fig tree.

Now there's a thought.... I shall chew on that, brother.

Good word. :-)

 2008/2/2 23:24

Joined: 2007/1/21
Posts: 528
Southern USA


"He called my name, also."

I rejoice with you Linn. Eddie


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