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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Does anyone know of any good sermon's, book's, website's, and/or resource's on Revival History?

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 Does anyone know of any good sermon's, book's, website's, and/or resource's on Revival History?

I am endeavoring to study Revival History. I know of a couple places like and the book Revival Fire. I am not looking for just a site on Finney or something but something of a wider view with the whole picture. Maybe someone knows of some sermons on SI or certain preacher's. I think J Edwin ORR specialized in this area? Thanks for your help and time.

p.s. general resource's on Church history would be appreciated as well.

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 Re: Does anyone know of any good sermon's, book's, website's, and/or r

There are a number of sites that you can gather material from. Some of these are (search their books available by topic - revival) (has some teaser material. You might want to order one of the CD's). The Welsh Revival Library and Revival Library from them are great CD'S but not cheap. has some of his materials but there is nothing like his books again, some materials available but gather his books and you will be encouraged.

The following are sites with free books on revival. There's nothing better than a good book on revival to encourage the saints except a free book on revival. GospelTruth also has all of Finney's materials available.

check out for a number of writings by Duncan Campbell (instrument used of God in the Hebrides revival beginning 1949)

Look for books on the internet (, if they don't have a new copy will often have a used copy available) especially like The 59 Revival by Ian Paisley, Sounds From Heaven by Colin & Mary Peckham, converted in the Hebrides revival, I Saw the Welsh Revival by David Matthews, Revival Fire by Wesley Duewel, Revival by Brian Edwards, Will Revival Come by Ernest Wadsworth, Rut, Rot, or Revival by A W Tozer.
Needless to say, this list is hardly exhaustive but you will find that as you read one you will find refernce to another. Read much of biographies as well as they tend to record the "greats" in Christian history. Like Tozer wrote "Come near to the holy men & women of the past & you will soon feel the heat of their desire after God. They mourned for Him, they prayed & wrestled & sought for Him day & night, in season & out, & when they had found Him the finding was all the sweeter for the long seeking." (From chapter 1 of The Pursuit of God) Read Jeremiah 29:13 for God's promise to His people and then pray until God fulfills Isaiah 32:15.

Of course, you already know of sermonindex but many are not aware of the "miscellaneous" section in the audio sermons (section M-R) that contains some great revival witness accounts. Others I am sure will add great links and titles as well to this discussion. ENJOY, especially the freebies.


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 Re: Does anyone know of any good sermon's, book's, website's, and/or r

Have you looked through this thread

It's actually sticky'd in this forum (Revivals) so you've probably already discovered it. But I thought I would mention it just in case.

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 Re: Does anyone know of any good sermon's, book's, website's, and/or r

Hey Brother,
One of the best books on revival is called "Historical counts of revival" by John Gillies...written in 1741.
As far as I know the book is out of print. I bought the book 8 years ago. Its a really big 560 pages or more?
This book has revivals from 3rd century to 18th century. Its all in small print. I believe Ravenhill said to read this book.
I think I bought it for $70??


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 Re: Does anyone know of any good sermon's, book's, website's, and/or r


My website, [url=]Smithworks: God Sent Fire[/url], has some articles on revival that you may find helpful.



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Thanks you all for your recommended resources.

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 Re: Revival Resources

There is a new British website that has comprehensive articles on revival. This is the web address:

Brian Johnson

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 Re: What Every Christian Should Know About the Supernatural

What Every Christian Should Know About the Supernatural

McCandlish Phillips a friend of David Wilkerson was recently quoted in David Wilkerson's official obituary and it reminded me of a book he wrote which is simply wonderful and accurate.

By McCandlish Phillips

This book takes a reader by the hand and leads him/her step-by-step from the most basic facts toward a more advanced understanding—in an overview of the whole supernatural realm as the Bible reveals it. It deals with the subject in its vast sweep and goes into God, Christ as the incarnate Son, angels, the Holy Spirit, as well as Satan, powers of darkness, the occult, evil spirits and the antichrist. It is a who's who and a what's what of the unseen world. We have never seen anything like it in one volume. Especially good for young or new Christians.

David's obit

As Brother Dave’s friend, McCandlish Phillips, the New York Times reporter, wrote, “His method was an absolute model of simplicity, directness and nonsophistication. He just went out to the streets and mixed with the kids and reasoned with them face to face, often quoting the Bible-and it worked.”

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 Spirit filled revival books

"Another Wave of Revival", by Frank Bartleman

Several on the Welsh revival and Evan Roberts, Wigglesworth.....and the Argentine revival ..

google on Amazon.
Happy hunting.

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 Re: Does anyone know of any good sermon's, book's, website's, and/or r

You already know more than me. Revival library isn't a .com
here is the link

I like to read books and not just on my computer. A really good one on revival is Signs & Wonders by maria wood-ward Etter. It is pretty long and is like reading various letters of account from the author.

Read L.Ravenhill any of his books will do. My two favorites are Revival Praying and SOdom had no Bible.

Ravenhill like to read biographies of men and woman of God. Claim your copy of In light of eternity the Biography of Leonard Ravenhill

William Cato

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