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This past Saturday 6/5/04 there was a program on TV called "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" hosted by five pastors (amongst them Dr. John Avant, a Baptist minister, and Pastor Peter Marshall, a Presbyterian minister), and they talked in depth about the need for Revival in America, it's history, how that history needs to be made known, and scripturally what we need to do (Joel chapter's 1&2) as believers to bring God to giving it to us again! ...

These brothers were right on target, and I believe (as God said in my spirit in Jan. of 2004), that "Now Is The Time" for His outpouring ... I firmly believe that we are about to see REVIVAL! ... God has not given up on His Church/Christian City, and neither should we ... Now's the time to PRAY EVEN HARDER! ... It may be a small cloud now on the horizon, but Bless God it's gonna rain ... Amen!

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Praise the Lord! Thank you for sharing this good news. You didn't by chance (if there is such a thing) tape this program, did you? I would definitely be interested in seeing it.

Thank you for sharing your heart in regards to God pouring out revival. You do not stand alone in your prayers. Be encouraged!

God bless,

PS It's been a while since you've posted. Is everything OK?


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Greetings Bro. Matthew!

You know I was so excited to see this program that I didn't even think about taping it, so now what I'm gonna do is see if I can find out if it will air again ... The Lord had mercy on me and led me to it!

I know I'm not alone (praise Him that He's led me to SI) and it's given me the same type of encouragement Elijah got when he discovered that very wonderful fact.

Yes brother I'm fine, just busy on a new (work) project ...

Yours in Him,

Bro R

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((( Hi All,

Below is an "e" mail I sent to Pastor John Avant, one of the pastors on the "One Nation Under God" Revival program I saw on Family Net TV ... Here also is the link to his church in Ga. ... )))

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 3:52 PM

Dear Dr. Avant,

Are you one of the five pastors I saw on a TV program recently called "ONE NATION UNDER GOD" where they were talking about the need for revival today?

If so can you please let me know if that program will be on again, will there be new programming in this same vein, and is there a TV programming schedule web site I can go to to find out when such programs will be on? I long to see/ be a part of another graet
revival like those I've only read about in past history.

In Christ love,

Bro. Rahman Reuben

PS - I'm a member of a website called Sermon Index where we study and discuss revival all the time, perhaps you will give us a peek ...

((( Below is Dr. Avant's reply "e" mail to me ... )))

Hi Rahman!

Yes, I was on the show. I think there will be more like this. Contact FamilyNet and they can give you more info. You might get my new book called "The Passion Promise" where I share about revival and how to live today in God's passion. It should be in any bookstore or can be ordered. You can also hear my messages online at

Thanks brother!


((( This is the web page for FAMILY NET TV ...

I have sent them an "e" mail about the program, perhaps others of you can inquire also and let them know that we're greatly interested in REVIVAL IN AMERICA! )))

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