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Hemel Hempstead

 Hollywood and the Church and revivial

With Microsoft and Apple fighting over who can control the content which goes into your TV in your living room.
In a world where in most houses. The whole living room is arranged in which the chairs in your house are arranged around the Television Set.
A centrepiece in your house or almost an idol but as that word is not used nowadays definatly not in church.
With movies and films being transfered from everything from mobile phones to watches.
What is this world coming to.

Mt 12:34 - Show Context
Brood of vipers! How can you, being evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

Lu 6:45 - Show Context
A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

If we are filling ourselves wih junk, junk is generally going to come out of our mouths.

I used to do this and maybe be nosy but I could determine how christian someone is by the books that they own, this is not true in all cases.
If they own more movies than books this is another detemining factor. To me this may not be true in all cases as god may not have woken them up to the fact.

American children watch an average of three to fours hours of television daily. Television can be a powerful influence in developing value systems and shaping behavior. Unfortunately, much of today's television programming is violent. Hundreds of studies of the effects of TV violence on children and teenagers have found that children may:

Think about it you sit in the dark. Which is not a good christian thing to do and consume with your eyes a medium in which you have no control over.
Image go straight from the tv set without even asking the brain whether they want to go directly to your heart.

in the Argintian Revival where an Angel came down for Two weeks, in the book Edward R Miller (
the book is called Revivial in City Bell but was combined to produce the book Secrets of Revivial.

One of the thing that the Angel says is calling Cinema Rooms the Devils Houses. If you said that in the average church you would be shot nowadays.
The Angel just would not let them go.
This is why I do not think a revival will happen unless we get rid of our TV.
I do not want you to go into your house and get rid of it but to make a stand yourself and say I am not watching tv for a week, you will notice the difference.
Some famous non christian writers such as Roald Dahl and others they note what type of people atv generation turns into.

To bring back the argument why are Apple and Microsoft at War with each other to control the content that goes into your living room and into your phones. They know that if they do that, they have you.

You can replace it say with a stereo or a bookcase. What is the centrepiece in your house and does it glorify god

Dominic Shiells

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 Re: Hollywood and the Church and revivial




by Ronald E. Williams

What is it? Gambling? Liquor, white-collar crime, or sexual immorality? No. It is the use of television.

What began as a scientific breakthrough in the late 40’s with the promise of much good for mankind, has now been used of Satan as an insidious purveyor of filth, obscenity, perversion, violence, and liberal left-wing ideology.

The proliferation of television sets in America has become widespread. Now one could pass by even the poorest of welfare recipients any night of the week, and see the flickering of the TV through the window. He would be undoubtedly watching his favorite filth in living color in the same way as the wealthy. One may do without a telephone or an automobile, but to be without a television would be unthinkable! Many homes have several sets to have more convenient access to their favorite sin.

Time As A Measure

How can it be called a favorite or pet sin? The average television watcher now sits entranced for 7.2 hours per day enjoying his lust, violence, or perversion of all that is right and decent. If one’s favorite activity would be measured by what he does voluntarily, by choice, and by length of time involved; watching television is the clear winner.

Distinctives Of Christians

Bible Christianity has distinctives. Bible Christians are commanded by Scripture to not love the world, or the things in the world (I John 2:15), to be uncontaminated by the world around us (ll Peter3:14),to live holy lives (1 Peter 1:15). to abstain from fleshly lusts (I Peter 2:11), to abstain from even the appearance of evil (I Thessalonians 5:22). Believers are to jealously guard their thought life to ensure it is approved of God (Philippians 4:8), bringing captive every thought into obedience to Christ (II Corinthians 10:5).

Distinctives Of Television

Television also has distinctives. and they are vigorously contrary to the above. Producers and sponsors attempt to out-do competitors shows with profanity, blasphemy, obscenity, violence, loose, low-life living, nudity, perversion and so on. This should not be surprising. As a group, the moguls of the television industry are among the most unbelieving, unchurched, blasphemous, anti-God infidels of professional groups.

However, you and I both know that their life-style and ideas will creep into and become a part of their TV productions. Our Savior has said whatever is in our heart will come out in our life-style. (Matthew 7:15-20) These actors, producers, directors and sponsors are regularly spewing out filthy productions that are wholly consistent with their evil hearts. To put it another way, we will not get clean, decent, moral, character-building television programming from bad people.

Christians Do This?

Christians do not indulge in Hollywood cesspool movies, rock music, drug parties, wife-swapping, sodomite steam baths, mixed swimming, nude shows, prostitutes, etc. They shun these wicked pleasures of the world, nor would they allow their children to participate in this wickedness. Yet in the privacy of Christian homes all of the above evil practices are on TV in full color, extolled; held up as proper and acceptable behavior and encouraged. Bible Christianity on the other hand is mocked, scorned and made an object of derision. Even the so-called good shows attack Bible values. The news programming has a palpable leftist, liberal slant to the point one could wonder if Moscow sometimes prepares the newscasts. The time-wasting sports keep countless Christians out of church on the Lord’s Day and many others from Bible reading, family altar and prayer. One looks in vain to discover redeeming features of this medium of mass media that has become so wicked that it is so thoroughly enjoyed by the world and now has become the pet sin of Christians

Let Us Face Facts

Honestly now, after having watched your favorite TV show, did you rise, stretch and remark, “this has made me a better Christian”, or “I am closer to God after having watched that.” Have you noticed your children developing more of an interest in the Bible; witnessing and standing alone for Christ after the steady diet of television you have permitted them to watch? What would Christ say if He were to watch TV over your shoulder as you enjoy your favorite broadcasts? What is your son thinking as he watches naked women? What are you thinking? What Bible values and moral character are being taught and reinforced in your family as you watch? Has it stimulated you to join those who go calling at your church? Honest answers to these questions ought to convince you of the utter failure on your part of controlling and censoring your pet sin!

What Is It Really?

Television is a modern-day river of filth with several tributaries (channels). I look after a home for troubled teen-aged girls. These girls tell me they have formed their values, made life decisions and goals based on this river of filth. Ever wonder about its lasting effects? Our girls do not have access to TV; yet a year later they discuss shows they have seen, as if they saw them yesterday! We would not fill our stomachs from a sewer, yet we are filling our mind, heart and soul from one, and giving our children a hearty appetite for more.

Whose Responsibility?

Dad, all of the terrible moral and spiritual devastation from TV occurring in your life and in your family is your fault! You see, you are God s prophet, priest and king in your home. He will hold you responsible as the head of the family. You are the protector of your family against evil influences; and how in God s name, and based on the Bible, can you say you are protecting them from evil influences when you allow the TV sewer to freely run in your home?

Some men say, “if I get rid of my set, there would be World War III with my wife.” I know. Since you have allowed this evil in your home, she is probably hooked on the soaps and other choice tidbits of moral sewage. You will also face a battle with the kids, since they are similarly hooked on the violence-filled, immoral cartoons. This is not to mention your friends and relatives who would believe you to be a weird-o, a kook, and that you would be depriving your family. Why, in order for you to get rid of your set, you would have to be a man!

If you keep the TV sewer in your home, do not expect a pleasant time at the Judgment Seat of Christ (11 Corinthians 5:10). Tolerating this sin and even enjoying it calls into serious question your faithfulness to Christ and stewardship.

Source Of Confusion

You are introducing confusion in the hearts and minds of your children by having TV in your home. TV does not agree with the authority and truth to which a child ought to be exposed in a Bible-believing home. In fact, the basic message of TV is hostile to the truths conveyed by faithful Bible preachers, Sunday school teachers, Christian Day School teachers and which ought to be conveyed by believing parents.

Every teaching model, (TV characters are strong, polished and compelling models) your child in his life ought to be in basic moral agreement on values. To have the home, school and church proclaiming one set of values to the child while your TV set vigorously and effectively teaches another is to cause confusion of the first order. This is not only unwise, it is foolhardy. Ask yourself, do your children emulate and venerate the stars on TV, or their Preacher and Sunday School Teacher? Are they accepting and learning the barnyard morality of TV or the morality of Scripture? Are they praising a sports hero who desecrates the Lord’s Day every Sunday he plays, or are they avidly sharing the details of a 19th century missionary about whom they have just read? Who is winning the battle for your child’s heart? Why should you even allow this battle for their soul and confusion in their minds by using a TV set?

What Influences?

A parent must never allow influences in the life of his child that do not reinforce and strengthen his Bible-based convictions. In fact, to allow such influences in his own life is presumptuous sin on the part of the parent.

If you are one of the many carnal believers using a TV set in your home, I must warn you about the consequences of your sin. God has told us whatever we sow, we will reap (Galatians 6:7-8). A crop takes time to grow, but reaping time (judgment) will always come. You will pay for your sin in your own life and the life of your children and grandchildren. This is not to mention what you will face at the Judgment Seat of Christ (II Cor. 5:10).

PhD In Filth

A PhD candidate may concentrate 2,000 hours to earn his doctorate in a particular field of study. Count up your family’s average viewing time to see how long it took you to obtain your PhD in filth. I daresay, many carnal Christians have earned several doctorates in filth!

The Facts Of The Matter

Anyone owning and watching TV is not seriously interested in personal revival. Such an individual, though he be called a Christian is not actively seeking holiness of life. The facts are, he is a dirty compromiser like Lot: wanting to be called a Pilgrim, trying to act like one, yet pitching his tent toward Sodom, and then actually moving into town. He has a pet sin and is not willing to give it up!

Remember this, my friend, your controversy is not with me, it is with a Holy God. A thrice-Holy God still calls sin, SIN! While you (through your pet sin of TV), are saying in effect a little bit of sin is OK. We expect the unbelieving world to sit enthralled at the fleshpots of the TV sewer, but for Christians it is especially wicked and evil. It is not helping you to grow in grace and if you are honest, you will admit it.

I pray some Christians who read this will be willing to give up their pet sin. What will you do?

by Ronald E. Willams, Director
Hephzibah House
508 School St., Winona Lake, IN 46590


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Thanks for the article. I personally haven't owned a TV for more than a year, and I feel much more at ease than I have in years. I think TV is like speed. I used to stay awake until after Leno. Now, I'm in bed at 9:30, when I'm tired! I spend much more time reading, both my Bible and books. I listen to enriching music (mostly Christian, but some jazz and classical as well), I enjoy the outdoors, I find time to talk to people and I don't need to be constantly entertained. Boy, is life grand when the flickering blue light of Satan isn't mesmerizing you.

But, I don't admonish anyone for owning and watching TV, I only speak of my own experience and how I know I am closer to God because of it. We Americans are addicted to fun, if we aren't being entertained we don't feel fulfilled. But finding meaning in a Scripture passage or experiencing a breakthrough in a night of prayer is far more enthralling than mere fun. Hey, I'm reading Jonathan Edwards and because I'm not doing it during commercial breaks, I understand what he writes!



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Hi Dave,

Thanks for sharing you testimony about TV. My family also got rid of the TV several years ago and now all we have is a DVD player. We only watch select Christian DVDs and some science videos, but not often.

You're right, life is more productive and your time with the Lord is better when you're not glued to the TV.



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This is an area I'm unashamedly passionate about in my hatred for.

Almost four years ago I turned off my television permanently. I couldn't stand the filth that was passing for "entertainment," and I wasn't even a true Christian at the time! (I had said the "sinner's prayer" but was still backsliding and rededicating during this time.)

The things that made movies rated "R" yesterday are things that are on television freely today. Movies that are rated a mere "PG" take the Lord's name in vain and are [i]not[/i] family friendly with their innuendos and jokes. Christians are stereo-typed as weird, odd, on a high horse or hateful. News is sensational and biased. There are so many false prophets on television that it'll make you weep for the people whose lives they're deceiving.

Yes, television has its good points but those points are so few that it doesn't warrant the expense of paying for it! To get the one or two benefits, you have to wade through all the filth to find it! No, thank you.

I kept my television and used it strictly to watch DVDs that I could hand-pick. Only recently, after becoming a true Christian, did I realize that even that can be a trap! I got rid of the television altogether and any DVDs I had that did not [i]directly[/i] glorify God. It's a trap if you spend more time watching television or DVDs than you do reading the scriptures! What came first for you today, your time with God or was the television the first?

I was involved in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. I was doing quite well and I knew several "major celebrities." I saw what they had to go through and what life was like for them. I saw how people reacted around them and what was expected of them and knew this was exactly what I was getting myself into! Everything about it was FAKE! People like you if you can do something for them. How can you benefit them by what you do or who you know? What do you drive and where do you live? Who knows you? Again, even in my unsaved state, I realized this was a disease and I fled the state. Within a week, I packed-up my life and took off driving across the country and didn't stop until I got to Tennessee!

This isn't even touching on the idolatry and lust Americans have regarding celebrities and sports! Reality TV, soap operas and talk shows are nothing but legalized voyeurism! People getting their entertainment from other people's pain, humiliation and sexual exploits! People know more about celebrity lives, like their favorite color and food, than they know about the God that created them!

And sports has become a religion of its own in this country, and indeed many others! People show more love and devotion for their favorite sports teams than they do for the God they profess to love! They get more angry at a game lost or a play that failed than they get at their own sin! Idolaters!

Magazines have caused people to become completely self-absorbed! First we have magazines like [i]Life Magazine[/i]. It was a magazine that encompassed the globe and we learned about each other. Then came [i]People Magazine[/i] changing the focus to a select group of people who were more interesting to read about. Who cares about John Smith across the globe anymore? I'll never meet him! But, Tom Cruise I know! I see him on TV and the movies! Then magazines like [i]Us Magazine[/i] started coming out, narrowing the focus even more! And now, dear Saints, we've got magazines called [i]Self[/i] where it's all about ME!

On top of it, people are brainwashed by the media and advertising. Americans are easy prey to it! We don't like thinking for ourselves and are content to let the government and television do it for us! The general public believes most of what they're told and have lost their ability to reason and decide for themselves! Looks and celebrity endorsements play a large role in the lives of the television public. "I [i]love[/i] Oprah, so if she likes this person, book, product, etc., it must be wonderful!" They think they'll be more like Oprah for buying what she buys, eating what she eats, reading what she reads and voting for who she votes for! They live a life of disillusionment and they're happy with it!

Advertising is straight from the pit of hell! "YOU deserve the best!" "Make YOUR life easier!" "YOU will be popular, thin, rich and loved if you buy, buy, BUY!" And to help you out, they're making everything smaller and more compact so you can carry more of it around with you!

Materialism, convenience, idolatry and entertainment are killing America! (So is the judicial system, but that's another thread.)

When people tell me that I'm legalistic, over-reacting or holier-than-thou when it comes to this subject, I ask them why. They say because there are worse shows or movies out there. There wasn't much swearing and there was only one sex scene and it didn't show much. "I know not to let that affect me and it doesn't." (That itself is a lie from the pit of hell!) They say that there's only a little bad stuff in it and it doesn't matter because they can overlook it. A little doesn't hurt.

So, here's my response to that:

Let's say I invite a group of friends to my home for a night of fun. I come out of the kitchen with a plate full of hot, fresh baked cookies. People love my cookies. I'm known for making great cookies. As people are reaching for them, with their mouths watering, I stop them and say:

"Before you eat the cookies, I just want to let you know something. Before you all got here, I was walking my dog. He went to the bathroom and it got me thinking. 'I wonder what a small pinch of that dog poop would do to my cookies?' Curious, I took some home and tried it out in this recipe."

The people there are shocked and back away. "There's dog poop in those cookies?" "Yes," I say. "But it's only a little pinch. I just wanted to see how it would affect the recipe. You can't even tell its there. You can't smell it or taste it. Don't worry, just eat them. It didn't make any difference at all."

Would you still eat one of those cookies? No? Why not? I'll tell you why. Because a little bit [b][i]does[/i][/b] make a difference! Most importantly, it matters to God!


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 Re: Hollywood and the Church and revivial


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SimpleLiving wrote:

Let's say I invite a group of friends to my home for a night of fun. I come out of the kitchen with a plate full of hot, fresh baked cookies. People love my cookies. I'm known for making great cookies. As people are reaching for them, with their mouths watering, I stop them and say:

"Before you eat the cookies, I just want to let you know something. Before you all got here, I was walking my dog. He went to the bathroom and it got me thinking. 'I wonder what a small pinch of that dog poop would do to my cookies?' Curious, I took some home and tried it out in this recipe."

The people there are shocked and back away. "There's dog poop in those cookies?" "Yes," I say. "But it's only a little pinch. I just wanted to see how it would affect the recipe. You can't even tell its there. You can't smell it or taste it. Don't worry, just eat them. It didn't make any difference at all."

Would you still eat one of those cookies? No? Why not? I'll tell you why. Because a little bit [b][i]does[/i][/b] make a difference! Most importantly, it matters to God!

Great parable :-D



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I have not had your experience with the idiot box but do appreciate the sentiments you shared. God bless you.


Sandra Miller

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When are you going to give up the computer?

I went looking to find out about the revival you mentioned in Argentina. As I was reading about it got me thinking something is wrong. I have taken out some points that made me think this way.

For many nights afterwards the students dreaded to be alone. Even those who shared one room would all vault into one bed, not even bothering to take off their clothes, because of the awe-inspiring Presence of a living, holy God that had accompanied that angelic Visitor. The fear of God had come to that student body, and they were never to be the same again.

For many nights afterwards the students dreaded to be alone.

I did this it I am not proud of it but I want to share an experience I don't care if you judge me or not. I had been to meeting. God had spoken to me very powerfully (The first time I could have said God spoke to me). The next day as per habit I went and smoked a joint(Grass).

As the effect of the drugs came on I came under an attack that came against me man it was strong. I was driving my car in sheer panic thinking the devil himself was trying to get me. I actually felt that there was some evil force sitting in the back seat. I end up driving into the country the farmers at the time had set the left overs of the wheat on fire so there was fire all around me. I was terrified. I was a well known person in my town for fighting and would stand up to any man or groups of men. I tell you I was scared terrified. The fear I felt was over whelming.

It was the last time I smoked dope. I had open the door to the devil and he came raging in.

1 week later a group of men from Jackie Pullenger's Church came ex Gang members giving there testimonies of how God set free from drugs. I went out and got deliverance. I was set free from Drugs Yes. Thought I would add that at the end.

What I want to bring out here is the fear no I need a stronger word TERROR is a better word. I have never been scared in God's precence. I have been in awe before him, I have wept before him, I have jumped up and down before him, I have shouted with joy before him, I have laughed before him and also there has been bump moments but never have I been frightened.

When I was writing about my experience with God just know there was a fear came my hair stood on end it felt like there was something behind me.

I had to stop and pray writing this.

The Lord Roars from Zion you have heard of the 'groaning in the spirit' have you heard the 'roar of the spirit'

Amos 1:2 He said, "The LORD roars from Zion And from Jerusalem He utters His voice; And the shepherds' pasture grounds mourn, And the summit of Carmel dries up."

But I can say I have experienced a ungodly Terror.

The content of he message so frightened Celsio that he ran from the room to escape. Outside, he told others of he strange sensation and understanding he had in the chapel and they urged him to go back to interpret the message for the rest. He complied, entered the chapel again and tried to give the message.

'frightened Celsio that he ran from the room to escape'.

There it goes again frightened so frightened he ran fom the room. Please also note as it mentions Chapel. Roman Catholics are the only ones I know who worship in a chapel.

Then another strange thing took place. Every time Celsio tried to speak and interpret the message, he felt choked as if an invisible hand squeezed his throat shut. Frightened, he again ran from the room. Meanwhile, the Angel, through Alexander, slowly and patiently repeated the words over Andover. Alex, in the spirit, now realized that Celsio should interpret the words. When Celsio ran from the room, Alex, still in the Spirit, knew he had gone, so he called Celsio back. Throughout the time Alexander’s eyes were closed in prayer and worship, lost in the tremendous Presence o this Visitor whose atmosphere rested upon everyone in the building. Alex continued to repeat the message as the Angel waited for us slow-to-understand humans to sort out the problem.

Every time Celsio tried to speak and interpret the message, he felt choked as if an invisible hand squeezed his throat shut.

'Something choked him' come on who can say this is from God.

'Frightened, he again ran from the room' TERROR this should have been stopped.

Several times that morning Celsio ran out and was called back again in spirit, because even out of the room he could still hear Alex’s voice calling to him to return. Although Celsio could plainly understand that strange tongue, and at times the frightening messages, nevertheless, when he tried to speak he would feel that sensation of a hand choking his throat until he could not speak. Frightened, he would run out again and this action continued until after the noon hour.

Throat squeezing, terror, scared to sleep alone and forced to do things you don't want to do. This is not the God I know. Oh and the mention of a chapel.

Catholics and the occult would be a better way to describe it.

Go and read it for yourself.

Colin Murray

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"Anything that cools my love for Christ is the world." - John Wesley

"Entertainment is the Devil's substitute for joy." - Leonard Ravenhill

I personally think the closer we are to God in intimacy and pursuing holiness, the more we hate the filth of the world, and that specifically, what is on the tv. (Also im not saying all tv is bad)Ravenhill, talks about how the tv is basically a sewer pipe running into the home. I just listened to a Lou Sutera sermon, either the one on the homepage or another one here on SI, and he talked about Romans 1. He talked about those who do evil, and God's wrath being revealed against them, but also he talked about what it say also in Romans 1 about those who approve of those who practice evil. That sounds like a lot of what we watch and get into.

Just a side note. I went to a L.A. Kings hockey game tonight and went with about 8 other Christians. Now i noticed at least one person cheering for a fight. Now about a few month ago i would have thought nothing of it. But since God has been working in my life and showing me the wickedness of this world and its systems over these past few months, i cant even believe that we as Christians think/or are ignorant to the fact that we approve of evil. Many of us wouldn't admit that until god personally deals with us in this regard, and gives us a personal desire for holiness.

Anyway, hope some of the things i wrote encourage you to abstain from the things that John Wesley was referring to in the above quote. And ill leave you with this: "holiness is not a luxury, its a necessity" - Leonard Ravenhill. ("Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord" - Hebrews 12:14.)


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