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 Nothing impossible with God!!!

Nothing impossible with God!!!
by Dominic Shiells

I believed in myself that my sins and my circumstances were too small for an almighty, all-knowing all-powerful God who knew what I have been through and knows every detail of my existence. HE suddenly hit me with is your faith not large enough to deal with your problem I answered "no". Do you believe that I can sort out all your problems, yes was the answer to that so you believe that I know every intricate detail of your problems. Do you think that I am good and the answer to that is Yes. I had been living in unbelief with all the vast arrays of problems that I go through are just a incessant shadow or array in the bigness of God. I was so convicted. He also asked does He know my heart. I have been living in sin trying to cover a bigger sin!!! Not trusting in Him! If I do not have enough faith to believe that He can do it. This all started today I was praying last night in faith that God would sort out my problems and believing in faith that He would. David when he saw the vast array of soldiers and Hezekiah.

The incident was today we were playing rounders which is a form of baseball. I with out thinking go into the bushes and it does not hurt me. I think Oh what is wrong here I should be getting stung or so there is a place where there is stinging nettles where I pray and it is almost impossible to get to. With God it wasn’t. God used the small things to show that he can conquer the big things that He is love and He wants me to obey him and believe it is possible to walk on water.

In Jesus everything is possible!!! The problem is that I didn’t believe. I did not have the faith to believe He would sort out everything the circumstances of where I sinned where far too complex and detailed to go through everything but He has a bigger mind than me. I trusted in God for the first bit of my obedience why not the rest. No word of God returns void, God is not a man that He should lie or the son of man as it states in numbers. You have to have faith to believe that God is there and not only there but He is good and that He loves you so much and that He cares more about your sin than I or anyone else does, to me this amazing. I believe that is half the case why we don’t come to Him because we are in unbelief and do not believe. Half the actions that I have wanted to do because of God have been fear, that has been the big enemy of my soul, I did not believe that God could do it and will do it!! So I do not do I do not walk on water or save a city or have faith that God can deliver my parents from their problems, deliver me from the cold and the rain when I did not have a coat and no one to trust in but Him. I believed that God could find my wallet or heal me or even love me yet I do not believe God in all circumstances.

I believe belief is 100% trust, you believe God if someone pushes you of a cliff that the mighty God, the lord of hosts will deliver you!! You also believe that in the bad times when no one is around to rely on that he will never leave or forsake you and that He keeps his word that you will be righteous, you will be spotless, you will have righteous garments and I will with Gods strength conquer all self deception and I will find my first love that love that never fails for Him. I have faith that he who begun a good work will finish it. Another one of the words that I have been pondering over is my sheep hear my voice and depart from me I never knew you. God with love completely conquer that fear in me. He said I am speaking to you at this moment in time, so that means I know you and it also says that those stand at the door and knock. He also said do I completely rely on Him because that is the key I know in my own strength that I could not get rid of one sin. He knew even in my hearts of hearts that I wanted to get rid of that sin and He quoted those who hunger and thirst for righteousness they shall be filled.

Also because I know a lot of the bible, I was scared about how much of the bible I knew in my head and how much I wasn’t acting out he said that he will do that put all my bible knowledge about him into practice. I wish to God that I could say everything that God said because it was wonderful and I know that with His strength I will not only conquer this sin but conquer greater stuff than that, He said that and God is not a man that he should lie I also believe that God is a God who can do everything which is written in His bible, if you believe Him and believe in His goodness. It is His goodness which is great!!! I just want to cry!!! I want also to believe that you will do something that you see impossible in your life for the lord that situation which you think, God cannot do that, All Gods promises are yes and amen. He is a mighty God. Climb that mountain, go preach to that neighbor that you thought was un-savable. Go into that shop and buy a cake without money jump out of that window of unbelief, go cross that red sea, go break that language barrier that you thought was impossible weep over you sins that you thought were unforgivable.

Trust God, Our biggest enemy is our unbelief it says in revelation to those who overcome you are an overcomer, you are not that Lacodian church you are the bride that spotless and pure bride and you will live like that, you will not spend your time with your earthly possessions but your heavenly ones, you will not be in that relationship that harms you, God will you the courage to overcome financial problems even if your bank balance looks like it is in deep despair. You are his chosen people a royal priesthood that chosen line you do follow the order of the line of Melchezadick I believe you will conquer the battle when you are only one man with God you can run over a troop and leap over a wall, with his name you will conquer any giant like Goliath and tear down the walls of Jericho. HIS name is great and worthy to be praised. He will help you to do exploits great exploit as you are sojourners and pilgrims in this land, you do not belong here you have a heavenly home. Like my friend Neil who got into Neil you will dive into that water, you will believe that you can go through this trial not accepting deliverance, you do believe not matter what circumstance that are God is big, He defeated the Ethiopians in kings and Gideon with his mighty men defeated them, no problem is too small for Him, no tear yay broken relationship, even my lustful thoughts God can deal with if I repent.

I believe that through repentance and through Him that He can tear down mountains and raise the dead. Do you believe, Is there nothing too great for our God. What is man that you are mindful of him or the sum of man, do you believe if you lost everything tomorrow that you would still glorify the name of the lord!!! and praise Him even more wonderfully!!! Are not His thoughts higher and greater than are most wonderful thoughts who are we to know what He thinks but yet we have the mind of Christ!! Is it not that He shall purify the sons of Levi are you not the sons of Levi, Without faith it is impossible to please God do you want to please God have faith!!! With faith you can conquer sin!!! But the source of your faith is Him, the immutable, immortal loving only wise Savior who has not sinned and will never sin.

Does His all consuming fiery passion of love dwell in you that if it did would make all your earthly loves shade into comparison, do you believe that!! YES and YES and YES is the answer that he says to that does he have the power to conquer the devil then He has the power to conquer your dragon of the flesh inside you do you believe the answer to that is yes and yes and yes. Do you believe that it is possible to have a relationship with your future wife or husband that will be fully blessed by the living God and where no problem rears its ugly head because you obey the principles of the bible and all the principles in Deuteronomy throughout the bible and bless you throughout your home life!! I believe that do you!!! do you believe that wickedness will ends it place in the fiery pit of eternal hell and do you believe that he who loves that God will not sin. Do I believe that I can love all my brethren with perfect love and that to love my neighbor as myself is not only fact but law that every breath that you say will love your neighbor and that every breath that you say will love the lord God.

I believe that God will sort out my relationship and all my sins every single one. That I will be holy and righteous before Him that I will stand boldly before the throne of grace reaping more rewards than all the prophets and the great man that have gone before me even thou I am nothing. To Him that is immutably wise the Lord. Even thou I may be chief of sinners and have no hope there is his faith and his love which are the only things that will get into heaven. He is an immutably wise and faithful. God do you believe that you can pray those 18 hours or 20 hours or for three weeks or for a month non stop. Do you believe that you can worship God with a pure heart and write hymns and song that would conquer every immutable alley.

Is not the God the same God has He not changed does He still not control the rains and the storms and the seasons, Has God never changed? Do you believe that you can outdo all the missionaries that have gone before you!! Do you believe that you can out read Spurgeon or love more than Paul!!! Do you believe that is there the same God who outdid all the prophets of bail and called down fire, but do you know him and does he know you, find Him because know problem that you face is too small for Him there is no evil that He has already dealt with!! God spoke the words of life to create into being how powerful are the words of God written in the bible are they not the same power the same strength, Is He not the same king that wept over Jerusalem and said woe unto you prophets!!! Cannot His words change your life if they brought you into existence!!

Is not the word of God unchanging!! Can it change your life is that not a good reason to do and obey the word of God if it brought planets into existence and all the plants and all the trees, the word of God can change your soul and make you clean. Can it not save the sinners soul and rescue the unbeliever!! The word of God is awesome I love Jesus that is why I love His word if his word brought planets into existence and created the small birds how much more do I want to follow them and love them and make them jewelry around my waist and apparel around my being!! I love his words his words speak of planets and existence far beyond the eye and more decant than the brain of man!!! Is not his blood more precious than all the gold and all the silver in the entire world!! Does not His existence give only glory to Him!! To Him that is more able than I am I praise His glorious name

 2008/1/20 7:12

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