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 What's going on?

I just saw a Documentary on Benny Hinn and His "Minisrty", what is This? Who would do such things as this man is doing? How can people be fooled into belinving what this man says? Im shocked to see so many people following this man, as if he was Christ. Im amaized at how much territory the Devil has taken from us. Am I the only person who sees this? Am I the only one who is bodered by this? So many people are making this man a millionare by giving him so much money, which is not even used for God's Glory. Oh how much we need a God sent revival. Not based on Human Endevor or will, but on God and God alone. Brother/Sister, if you can see it then do somthing about it. We have prayer, one of the mightienst weapon in this spiritual warfere. Let us use it for the bringing down of strongholds. Let us pray for a Revival in this day and era. Amen


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 Re: What's going on?

Actually this kind of stuff has been going on for a long time it's just because of modern technology we all are able to see and expose it more. My guess would be if we were living in a different era "less technology age" we would all have to hear from word of mouth or depending on how far back you go possibly through Radio or TV, I really feel that the followers of these type folks or probably generational, that there Mom and Dad followed the likes of the Benny Hinn folks, I will personally not judge him because I don't follow him or know much about him at all to even voice an opinion, but I am sure one day he will be judged by really the only one that really matters and that's Jesus Christ, because our judgment won't keep him out of Heaven or Hell only Gods will.

Mr. Bill

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I used to be a volunteer for his "crusades" when I had fallen prey to the Word of Faith (bowel) movement. I have seen, spoken to, and eaten with this man so I feel I am qualified to call him a false teacher and so much more!

His followers flock to him to autograph their Bibles and he does it as if he's written it himself!


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