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Oh Yes, I do too. And I Bless the Lord all the way Home, and at times have gone straight to my room and gotten on my face and continued to worship, because His Presence is so evident.
I do feel blessed, because many people I talk to are disheartened by what is going on in their churches, that they either begin to dread going or they give up altogether.

What I was saying regarding that one in particular service, was that it was so clear and precious and heavy with the Presence of God's Spirit that I noticed the awe and reverence toward Him.
Nothing wackey or out of line, just a keen awareness like I had never experienced before or since, to that degree in corporate worship.

In my own personal time alone with the Lord, yes, most definetly many, many, countless times.

I worship Jesus regardless of feelings, circumstances or surroundings. Altho I must admit when I am in a church or a setting that is promoting "them" I get frustrated and have a difficult time focusing and setting my mind on things above.

I am very excited to be in church this morning for the very reason you stated...the Spirit of God visits and moves.
I am thrilled with the teaching of the Word and the hymns and the humility that is in that place.

It is not the church I had been going to for many years; but rather a very small(probably 200/250)body of believers gathered there.

I am very happy to hear how blessed you are at your Sunday place of worship.

Jesus thrills my soul, and my life is lived for Him, solely.

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I didn't mean to discount your experience. I know there are special times when the unity of the body ushers a special dispensation of grace. I don't mean to abase charismatics, either. One of my favorite contemporary preachers is charismatic. The church I left was into the Toronto/Brownsville revivalism. They had employed a professional "prophet/consultant" just before I left.

Sister, I am happy that you have had your experience. I pray that we all are keenly aware everyday that the Holy Spirit is present with us.



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I did not take what you said in any way wrong. I have not mastered the skill of articulation thru the typed word. :-(

I just must say that Church was wonderful today and I love being there. I have always been one who awaits church service with the anticipation of a child about to go to Disneyland. I am thankful that I have not lost that excitement to "Assemble together"...

I hope that all of us on this website had a blessed Sunday!!!


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 Re: ReignDownUSA

Wondered if anyone is aware of this event in their neighbourhood and know others who are going?

Or not going... for reasons expounded already on this thread.

 2008/4/9 20:19

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 Re: ReignDownUSA

I got a email from a friend who thought it sound cool. I just looked at the website, They were on the hour of power. That is a red flag for me. and many other things.

Beloved there are many, who are seeing this as a wonderul and amazing thing, I do know one who or two who would like to go. Lets pray for this movment.

In Christ


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