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 Make us 'clods of earth' into 'stars of glory' -watson

[b]Make us 'clods of earth' into 'stars of glory'[/b]

(Thomas Watson, "The Lord's Supper")

Christ is that golden pipe—through which the golden oil
of salvation is transmitted to us.

"Because of His great love that He had for us" Ephesians 2:4

Nothing could fasten Jesus to the cross—but the golden link of love!

The emperor Trajan tore off a piece of his own robe to bind up
one of his soldier's wounds. But Christ tore off His own flesh for us!

"He gave Himself for us to redeem us." Titus 2:14. Christ gave
Himself for us—what more could He give? If He had anything to
part with of more worth—He would have bestowed it upon us!

What astonishing love—that Christ should die for such as we are.
What are we? Not only vanity—but enmity!

When we were rebelling—He was dying! When we had weapons
in our hands—then He had the spear in His side! This is the very
quintessence of love! "God demonstrates His own love for us in
this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us!" Romans 5:8
When we were engulfed in misery and had lost our beauty—then
Christ died for us. O amazing love, which should swallow up all
our thoughts!

What astonishing love—that Christ should die for us—rather than
for the fallen angels. They were creatures of a more noble extraction
and, in all probability, might have brought greater revenues of glory
to God. Yet, that Christ should pass by those golden vessels, and
make us 'clods of earth' into 'stars of glory'—O the hyperbole
of Christ's love!

What a stupendous love is this!

Who can meditate upon His love—and not be in ecstasy!

We may behold the odiousness of sin—in the red looking-glass of
Christ's sufferings. Sin is to be abominated, since it turned Adam out
of paradise and threw the angels down to hell. Sin is the birthplace
of our sorrows—and the grave of our comforts. But that which may
most of all disfigure the face of sin and make it appear abominable
is this—It crucified our Lord Jesus!

O let us look upon sin with indignation! When a temptation to sin
comes—let us say, "Is not this the sin which poured out Christ's
blood!" Let our hearts be enraged against sin!

When the senators of Rome showed the people Caesar's bloody
robe, they were incensed against those who slew him. Sin has
rent the white robe of Christ's flesh—and died it a crimson color!
Let us, then, seek to be avenged of our sins!

Under the Law, if an ox gored a man so that he died—the ox
was to be killed, Exodus 21:28. Sin has gored and pierced our
Savior! Let it die!

Let us be deeply affected with the great love of Christ for us.
Who can tread upon these hot coals—and his heart not burn?
Cry out with Ignatius, "Christ, my love, is crucified!"

If a friend would die for us—would not our hearts be much
affected with his kindness? That the God of heaven would
die for us—how should this stupendous mercy have a melting
influence upon us! The body of Christ broken—is enough to
break the most flinty heart. At our Savior's passion, "the
rocks split apart!" He who is not affected with Christ's love
—has a heart harder than the rocks!

How should we be affected with Christ's kindness who, to
spare our life—lost His own! Let us pray that, as Christ was
fastened to the cross—so He may be fasted to our hearts!

"May you experience the love of Christ, though it is so great
you will never fully understand it!" Ephesians 3:19

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