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 Re: about:

Those who know the Lord and humbly preach the Word of God (purely and without prior consideration of sectarian or doctrinal goals) completely out of a desire for people to truly know, love and fellowship with Him. They desire no self glory, doctrinal recruitment or ulterior gain. Their message is not a farce or misrepresentation. There is no desire to stand in the way of God. There is no "[i]I know the 'truth' so you better believe what I say or else[/i]" type of attitude. They do not want a reputation, and wouldn't think of robbing God of even a moment of the glory that is due His Name. There is merely a simple, obvious, pure and unquenchable desire to know Him and bring others to know Him too.

Anything else.


By the way, I understand what deltadom really wants to do. I do encourage believers to hear a message from men like Ravenhill, Tozer or Reidhead. In my experience, they will immediately experience a difference from the messages of men like this compared with much of what else is presented in today's world. I rememeber the first time that I heard such a message (it was [i]Holy Ground[/i] by David Wilkerson). I wept as those words tore through me like a plow through well-watered soil.

I listened to that message twice in a row in my youth pastor's office. I ordered several more messages ([i]A Christless Pentecost[/i] by Wilkersonn and [i]Purity and Fire[/i] by Brother Ravenhill). The effect was still the same. These words burned within me and I felt as though I found someone who was as passionate for the Truth as I was. By the time that I turned on the local Christian radio station and TBN, I felt a immediate difference between the words of Ravenhill and the words of the popular preachers (not that I was a "fan" anyway).

I've attended many Sunday "services" that never pricked my heart the way that those messages prick me each and every time I listen. That is why this website is such a blessing! I've been a member for several years; and, before that, I simply enjoyed downloading and listening to the messages! I have alwasy viewed this place as such a TREASURE! In a world where a certain famine exists for hearing such heart provoking messages and where distractions exist at every turn, it is a blessing to find messages from men who cared more about the honor of God than they did about their name, their doctrine, their denomination or their reputation.



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Berkshire, England

 Re: A list of Sound Preacher (Non dodgy) and dodgy ones

Hi there,

Certainly a good idea, personally I hardly bother with christian bookshops now, I simply buy online so that I don't have to filter through all the trash to get to what I want.
A little while ago a preacher said "If Christians today are relying on Jesus to meet their needs and give their lives meaning then why are the Christian bookshops across the country filled with self help books for people living empty and meaningless lives!"
I can't quite remember who said that now but I think it was Leonard Ravenhill. It is certainly true! There is ALOT of carnal teaching filling up the christian bookshops.
Personally I use Sermon Index as a guide to good authors and teachers, I have to say that Greg Gordon has done great job in putting together good wholesome teaching for us and if I were trying to put together a list for a christian bookshop I would probably just use this website.
As far as bad teachers go, seek the Lord regarding this. There are certainly alot of bad teachers, however, sometimes we can be better to simply encourage good teaching and trust the Lord that once folk find somebody who is preaching truth and life that this will overshadow the corrupt teachers.

God bless you
Kindest Regards

Darren :-)

Darren Broadhurst

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Limey153 wrote:

A little while ago a preacher said "If Christians today are relying on Jesus to meet their needs and give their lives meaning then why are the Christian bookshops across the country filled with self help books for people living empty and meaningless lives!"
Darren :-)

Thats pretty good.

Mr. Bill

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Sorry I am using London english slang or cockney.

You mean to tell me English folks have a sense of humor??!! WOW! I thought they (except for a few persons) were stogy, stuffy like their queen.... whew! I learned something new today! :-P


Sandra Miller

 2008/1/17 22:00Profile


They do say that the Queen has a very lively sense of humour, especially in private. But of course she can't show it much at solemn public occasions.

Maybe the British sense of humour is too subtle for you Americans ;-)


 2008/1/18 16:44

 Re: some more books

Here are a few favourites, and otherwise, to add to the book list. I don't necessarily agree with all the "good" ones write, but believe they are basically "sound":


Alan Redpath
Watchman Nee

Amy Carmichael

Isobel Kuhn
Phyllis Thompson

[u]Prayer/spiritual warfare[/u]
R.A. Matthews
Ray Borlaise (Intercessors for Britain)
Dave Hunt ("sound", though you may not agree with some of his theology) but a bit repetative)

[u]Children's novels[/u]
Patricia St John

Francine Rivers (care, they recently published, without her consent or knowledge, one of her books written "BC, before she became a Christian). Her Biblical novels, such as Lineage of Grace are especially good.

Bodie and Brock Thoene

Joel C Rosenberg

Janette Oake (mostly light romances, but strongly Christian theme)


Rick Warren et al
Cindy Jacobs

Others, can't remembr their names!

[b]PATCHY[/b], good in parts, like the curate's egg (ever heard of the curate's egg?)

Phillip Yancy
Jeff Lucas (???)



 2008/1/18 16:46

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More good books:

Books by Corrie ten Boom

A Song for Your Honor by Kay Evans

Children's Books:

Lois Waiford Johnson

J.I. Packer's: Knowing God

Alvin J. Schmidt: Under the Influence

Bilquis Sheikh: I Dared to Call Him Father

Joseph Wheeler has a a series of compilations of short stories: "Great Stories Remembered", "Christmas in My Heart" ( every fall a new one is added to this collection) and other " My Heart" series. These are wonderful stories when you want to relax and be entertained, encouraged. I have most of these books in my collection.

Philip Yancey co-authored a few books with Dr. Paul Brand: "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made", "In His Image" not sure if there are others. These are among the best Yancy wrote...not all he wrote is worthwhile reading.

And there are many others....a body cannot name them all.


Sandra Miller

 2008/1/18 17:09Profile


How could I have forgotten Corrie Ten Boom especially, and Paul Brand?!!! And there was another, more recent, missionary doctor (in Nepal I think), whose books I found both readable and challenging. One was called "Don't Let the Goats eat the Loquat Trees!

Under "missionary", Helen Rosevere, who was captuerd and suffered at the hands of the rebels in the Congo Uprising is another. Books such as "Give me this Mountain, and "He gave us a valley".

But maybe we'd best keep mainly to [i]authors[/i], or there will be thousands of books on the list!



 2008/1/18 18:29

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Germany NRW

 Re: A list of Sound Preacher (Non dodgy) and dodgy ones

There is a post from Greg about the question you raised

Check it out Mate!


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T. Austin-Sparks

Andrew Murray

A.W. Tozer

E.M. Bounds

Jessie Penn-Lewis

Art Katz

 2008/1/19 4:33Profile

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