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Discussion Forum : Devotional Thoughts : "Don't worry about tomorrow" ~ Brogden

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 "Don't worry about tomorrow" ~ Brogden

[i]January 15, 2008

Today's meditation is taken from:

By Chip Brogden [/i]

[b]"Don't worry about tomorrow" (Matthew 6:34a). [/b]

Most of us, from time to time or nearly all of the time, worry about something - our health, our finances, our loved ones, and so on. Yet the Scriptures say take no thought for your lives and be anxious for nothing. Why is worry a sin? I know we consider it "only human", [b]but worry really implies a lack of trust in God.[/b] It is believing a lie. [u]Identify the lie and you can quickly discover the Truth.[/u] What is the lie? That God is somehow less than sufficient, that perhaps He will not come through for us. So you see, the enemy gets us to believe a lie, and then gets us to think that we are just being "human". So then we accept something less than the normal Christian life - overcoming - and think that is just the way it is. Remember: satan has no power apart from our belief in his lie.

Overcomers are learning to bridge the gap between what they SAY they believe and how they really LIVE. Now we are not criticizing or judging people for having anxious thoughts, for we have our share of them. We have not overcome in this area. We simply say this is one thing to be overcome, one of many lies which oppose the Truth. [b]The one that overcomes is constantly challenging the lie of the enemy and demonstrating the preeminence of Christ over all things. When every lie is destroyed then the dragon is defeated, for it cannot control what it cannot deceive.[/b]

Most of what we see and hear is an illusion. It is not the Truth, but a lie, a distortion. Our eyes and our ears cannot be trusted. We must have heavenly vision and heavenly hearing.

 2008/1/15 10:23

 Re: "Don't worry about tomorrow" ~ Brogden

[color=3399CC][b]I sought the Lord, and afterwards I knew
He moved my soul to seek Him, seeking me.
It was not I that found, O Savior true;
No, I was found, was found of Thee.

For Thou didst reach forth Thy hand and mine enfold;
I walked and sank not on the storm vexed sea.
’Twas not so much that I on Thee took hold,
As Thou, dear Lord, on me.

I find, I walk, I love, but oh, the whole
Of love is but my answer, Lord, to Thee!
For Thou were long beforehand with my soul,
Always Thou lovest me.


(Tune written by Jeff Wooldridge)[/b][/color]

Thank you for the Chip clip.

I hope you don't mind, but I swiped this song above, from off of your xanga blog.

Your recent entry was outstanding also.

Thank you!!!!

 2008/1/15 16:22



HE_Reigns wrote:


For Thou didst reach forth Thy hand and mine enfold;
I walked and sank not on the storm vexed sea.
’Twas not so much that I on Thee took hold,
As Thou, dear Lord, on me.



...but worry really implies a lack of trust in God. (Chip)

Thanks for posting that song, Annie. It really does tie together well with the devotional from Chip. How often we view life from our earthly perspective and forget our Father in Heaven who cares so much for us and knows [i]exactly[/i] what is going on. What cause could we even find to worry when we have such a wonderful Father?!!! And His patience with us even when we [i]do[/i] worry is remarkable. Ah, how amazing is our God and His ways past finding out!

Thank you, Annie, for your encouragement. I love how you will bop in here and there and drop encouragement comments on different posts. :-D

Let us keep our eyes on Jesus!


[size=xx-small][color=CCCCCC]Post number 1000! [/color][/size]

 2008/1/15 20:28


Thank you Sis for posting your blog "Giving all diligence...brotherly kindness and charity".

Was praying you would.

LORD Bless Joy!

 2008/1/16 8:15

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