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Great stuff LittleGift

We can even adjust to digest foods we haven't been used to if they are introduced gradually. The traditional Esquimo diet for example was mostly fat. Those of us raised on a different diet would become very ill if we went straight onto their kind of food, because the huge fat overload would overwhelm our processing ability. But if the amount of fat was gradually increased our bodies would adapt.

The word gradually really jumped out at me here. Arsenic poisoning is rarely noticed when done in small doses over a long time. I think this is how satan has introduced many unbalanced (toxic) ministries/messages and why they have been excepted by so many today.

Thanks for your insights.


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psalm1 wrote:
tjservant, I think all of us would want to be under the purest possible teaching.

And you exactly right David, but by the time we find that Jesus himself might be Preaching to us.

Mr. Bill

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