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Ginny... wise to note that in this instance I was apologizing for casting a judgemental blanket over this particular thing without knowing anything about the people involved. Thats wrong.

Now, if you wish to discuss Christian bookstores and whatnot... while I cant possibly know the heart of the bookstore owner, when I see books and music and Bibles on their shelves and the prices are more than 30% higher than the run of the mill retail store down the street (Walmart, Kmart, Target... take your pick) then yea, I do question it.

As for Christian music, I cant possibly sit in judgment of the motives of the individual artists... but we can ascertain that the bottom line for the companies pumping out Christian music is definately about the $$$. How do we know this? Because all the main Christian music labels are owned by secular companies now... like Sony, Time-Warner, Fox... etc. These parent companies are not concerned with spreading the gospel, they are concerned with money.

So be sure, I am not retracting the facts, just my hasty judgement of something/someone I knew nothing about.


 2008/1/9 16:44

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