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 Oh Wonder of Wonders!

Oh, wonders of wonders!
My God, can it be
That Jesus has died
For one rebel like me?
He lifted my bondage
And soul's misery
The Lord, King of Glory, was wounded for me.

The led Him to trial
They spit in His face
He bore it alone,
Oh! amazing His grace!
He bowed 'neath His burden,
Was scouraged in my place
I'll sing it forever- 'Amazing His grace."

With hands full of mercy
With hearts full of good
My spotless Redeemer
Was nailed to the wood.
He suffered hell's torment
My soul to set free
Deserted by God as he hung on the tree.

He died, but he rose
He extracted death's sting
He's living enthorned
My Saviour, my King.
Let the earth hear His voice
Men and angels proclaim
He's coming! He's coming! He's coming again!

With saints marching in
I shall be in that throng
In the great "Hallelujahs,"
I'll join in that song.
With apostles and prophets,
But best, Lord with Thee,
I shall live, I shall live eternally!


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