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 Wholly Submitted to earthly and heavenly authority....

Devotional: There are countless scriptural references to submitting to authority. This speaks of one who desires CHRIST at the expense of the Body. We are “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” and in the context of service for CHRIST…submit to those who are in rule over us. The challenge comes when the flesh chooses Semantics. Simply meaning, “Well, that person isn’t in RULE over me”. Intrinsically – internally – deep within us….we all know that GOD fearing servant who bring revelation to us…we should listen to. Remember David was King and yet Nathan the prophet came and told him to change his ways. David was king and yet!!!

He submitted to the Godly authority before him. This is why children are to obey their parents…especially those who are fervently seeking CHRIST. No child is a teacher above their parent nor should they act as such. Yes, GOD spoke through children such as Samuel BUT his actions lined up with what a servant of GOD was to do. Eli wasn’t Samuel’s dad but we do NOT read that Samuel said to Eli, “You can’t tell me what to do. You’re not my dad!” Does this make sense? If you want purpose and service for CHRIST to be blessed by HIM, then it starts at home and it starts with your heart. Else, you will be discarded as “lukewarm”. Choose Surrender to gain all! Amen and amen!

[u][b][size=medium][color=CC0000]Wholly Submitted[/color][/size][/b][/u]

The prodigal son and the child – obeying
share a heart which yet yearns for the LORD.
The difference being, one half is conceding
that following CHRIST means much more…

than just simply pursuing the KING of all Kings
without serving as HE has ordained…
those ‘round. Hence, the focus of half which is errant
shuns Authority then…much the same.

How can one – divided – within their own soul
receive blessing when – GOD – they ignore?
Though half of the time, they claim service for CHRIST
yet the Saviour discards those… “Lukewarm”.

Child, make no mistake. Only “Forfeit” gains favor!
As such, claim no more your own way!
To HIM now surrender and to those HE set
in authority! Yes, choose to…obey.

As HIS servant in your service,
WVW Jasnoch 1/4/08


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