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 Thinking about revival

I don't know about you, but I feel like I've lost the hope of revial. I look at myself only... I know the Lord has called me to interceed, He has given me discernment and revelation, but where has it gotten me!! I have a burning heart for a season, then I become weary of the battle and just want to crawl back into bed and pull the covers over my head. Nothing seems to change, darkness only seems to gets darker and prisons become deeper.

I have days where, I just wish the Lord would come and take me home. I am discouraged, weary and just plain tired. The other day I started my prayer time as usual. I began by asking for strength then proceeded to tell the Lord how lacking I was. But the Lord stopped me in the middle of that "prayer" and told me to stop lookig at my lack and start declaring WHO HE IS. HE is not lacking for anything...HE is AWESOME! HE is LOVE, POWER, STRENGTH AND ORDER! HE sets the captives FREE, HE is LIGHT in the darkness, HE is the ROAD in the wilderness, HE is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE! If we are discouraged, it is because we are looking at ourselves and not JESUS. We need to start proclaimig the majesty of our King and stop looking at ourselves.

The other thing is that I havn't believed HE wants me. For years, I was satisfied to hear about some great move of God, somewhere else, years ago. I've been satisfied to hear how God has used other men and women in great works of the Spirit. I've been satisfied to visit Times Square Church over 4 hours from my home to fellowship and feel His spirit at work. But I'm not satisfied anymore!! It's not okay that God is in New York City or some where in Africa. I praise HIS HOLY that HE IS THERE. But I am jealous, I want GOD HERE! I want to see God move in my town, my family, my workplace....I am jealous!!! We need to get desperate and jealous for God in our lives before we will ever see HIM move.

I believe the keys to revival are first that we believe who God says HE is. Second, that we believe what He says about US. Third, that we become desperately jealous for HIM as HE is desperately jealous for HIS BRIDE!




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 Re: Thinking about revival

Isaiah 40


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