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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : frustration and emptyness

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Listen to Carter Conlon's Message, "Seeing through the Hands of Jesus."
Also "Spending and being Spent," by Ben Crandell.
They can both be found at
The one by Ben Crandell really helped me, because I realized I had not gone through what some of the people had gone through in his Message.
I'm not making light of what you are going through, but God usually teaches in the Wilderness, and not on the Mountain top.
He does give us mountain top experiences, but I have learned the most in my Wilderness experiences.
May God bring you forth strong in Him, and in the Power of His Might.
You have been given good advice.
God Bless you and your Wife.

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An encouragement for today i've shared before a bit about my husband this morning he went in the front and came back to God, ... and that's just the beggining ...

God bless mate.


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hi, one God given trait tat is lacking in many a serious believer is joy. the joy of the Lord IS your strength.count it alljoy when you have testings... therefore with joy shall you draw water out of the wells of salvation... joy is the bucket that you have to recetve from God..noone wants to be with someone void of joy.. you have joyif you realize how much Jesus loves you, just does not help spelling or typing. jimp

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 Re: frustration and emptyness

Brother, you got a lot of good advice here on this thread. Now for my two cents worth...and I am looking at this from a wife's perspective - I have been married a while, like 40 years.

Apparently you feel frustrated because your wife and you are not on the same level spiritually. You never did say she was living in sin, is she? You mentioned she is not "moving in the spirit".

What does she say about your relationship? What would she say is wrong with it?

Is there some unresolved sin in either of your lives that is interfering in your relationship? What was your courtship like?

You said you left her some time ago and while you were gone, was in a relationship with another woman. Have you ever considered that this seriously challenged her trust in you? Trust is earned and once it has been compromised, it is extremely hard to earn it back. The only way this can be done is through proving yourself worthy of that trust. And this takes time.

Back to my questions - not knowing the answers to these questions, I am reluctant to give any advice except this: look at your wife as an object through which you can serve God. Presently she is more important to you then anyone else. He placed her there for you, so love her as Christ loved the church, who gave himself for her. In the meantime forget about not being able to use your talents....seems to me you have an ego problem here - the focus is on me, my. Try loving her by doing small things for her: Has she been nagging at you to do something which you refuse to do for whatever reason? Does she like a box of chocolates? get her one. A woman usually will melt when her Dh will do little things for her consistently all week long! In otherwards, court her like a young man who is anxious to win the love of an attractive woman.

Blessings to you, brother... life is hard, but spending eternity in hell will be worse yet, so allow the LORD to help you work through this situation. And even if she never comes around, you still have to give account for your behavior.


PS: My preacher - grandfather used to say most marriage problems begin in the bedroom. Something to need to get with a group of godly men to help you on this.

Sandra Miller

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Here's a 2 part sermon called Destroying Pop-Christian views of Marital Bliss. - Part 1 - Part 2

It's preached by a man named Paul Washer. Please listen to this.

 2007/12/30 0:07

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Greetings to all

I would like to thank everyone for their responses. God was able to use little bits from everyone to pull me from the dark. I know with in my spirit that someone prayed because on Saturday night something broke in my house and a peace has been their since.

2 things God has shown me strongly during this time

1x I must strive forward towards Christ if I keep looking back I’ll see the road of hopelessness and strife that the lord has taken me from which leads to despair. The lord will dwell in my household if I seek him and strive towards him.

2x there are many facets to a diamond and although I have dealt with most of my past sins there are areas that the lord is taking me through on a deeper level. To get the pearls of wisdom we must dive to the bottom of the sea.

When I look for my purpose in Christ, I know that God is preparing me constantly to be a witness in Christ and through my job he teaches me spiritually through physical application. My vision of what I am to come or where he wants me to go is very hazy so I am unsure as to what my next steps will be in my ministry.

If someone gets a word from God for me on this subject please let me know so that I may walk towards that.

p.s i will listen to these of Mr Paul Washer i find him to be very filled and passionate for christ

Love crusader :-)

karl rashleigh

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