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 Watchman Nee

Dear brothers,
I have much joy in my heart to see the hand of some that appreciate Watchman Nee and what the Lord has done through him. Watchman shared that the Spirit is always moving forward. He is never stagnant. As He moves forward to the goal( the glory of God), He incorporates the faith of the saints into Himself and that becomes added supply to the next generation. He is the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob. What Abraham experiences is added to the Spirit and is life supply to Isaac. Then what Isaac experiences is added and flows to Jacob. All that these holy men experienced was incorporated into the Spirit. The Spirit moves forward. Eventually all the experience of a sinless man was incorporated into the Spirit and every victorious dealing was added. When Jesus overcame the devils tempation in offering the whole world, that victory as a man was added to the Spirit! Never before was there such a pratcical ingredient! Then all sins were removed from man and this was also added. Death was entered and conquered, an offering acceptable was presented on high and the Spirit was inbreathed into the disciples. This Spirit would then begin to experience a new manner of victory....that of perfect overcoming in those who were formerly consituted Sin! When the Lord entered into the men who are Sin He began an even bolder Work than he had accomplished on Calvary! On calvary He dealt with sins but now He would deal with Sin. By that inbreathing "He who knew no sin became Sin" 2 Corinthians 5:21. Over the course of the next two millennium He who knew no sin became sin so that now we "might become the righteousness of God in Him." A great forty Jubilee age followed which is the "baptism into the death of Christ". Those two millennium's are two days (2 Peter 3:8). They are the first two days of a new creation and have been under a great spiritual flood. As the age came nearing the end, the Lord raised up Watchman Nee in the east to show him a couple of most crucial matters. Without these two matters there is no way to see the coming of the Lord before the world does. When the world sees terror will be upon all, but the secret watchers see as He comes as a thief in the night. So in our appreciation of Watchman Nee I remind you of the Spirit's incorporation. In Watchman's day the Spirit was moving forward even as in the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. All that Watchman experienced is also now incorporated into the Spirit for the supply of all that line up with it. With such supply we can move forward and the Spirit can do the higher works of bringing the Word to full incarnation in the body of Christ.

Now we are in the third day, (the sabbath millennium of the son of man), the Spirit flows on and picks us up and our experience in the Father and Son, therefore we must have a sure foundation of what the Lord gained through Watchman Nee. Truly it is a most unique and crucial gain. If you graciously endure me I will post more as to what I see these two crucial matters are that Watchman began to see.

With you in the name of Jesus Christ,



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