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 "Brothers, We Are Not Professionals" by John Piper

"Brothers, We Are Not Professionals" by John Piper

2 out of 5 stars.

Don't get me wrong, this book has plenty of good stuff in it. However, it is hardly an exhortation to for radical pastoral ministry that departs from a professional mentality. I kept reading this book anticipating I'd eventually read something radical... but never did. Because of this, reading the book was often very painful. Because of this, I rate it as low as I do with only 2 stars.

As Leonard Ravenhill? said: we would not think many ministers to be great if they were not announced to us as so. Fact of the matter is, many would not think this book to be "radical" if it were not presented to us as so.

Very little of this book even really touches on the issue of "professionals." Nothing really radical here. Some good exhortations in general, but there are better. Don't give your money for this book.

Jimmy H

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