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 My Fasting Testimony

I would like to share my testimony of what fasting has done to transform my life. I am sure many people on here would say I have been fasting for years. I am writing to those who may have had problems with fasting in the past and need encouraged. This is not intended to draw attention to myself but to encourage you in this practice. This is for those who desire more of God and less of yourself. Isaiah 58 is the great fasting chapter and Matthew 6:16 are Jesus words and they say when you fast not if you fast.

I have tried many times in the past to fast and haven't succeeded until the last couple of weeks. I can not say enough about all the wonderful things it has brought into my life as I humbled myself and obeyed what I felt He was calling me to do. It has increased the desperation in my heart for Him, the lover of my soul. It has sharpened and sensitized my spiritual life so that I feel more in tune with what God wants to do for the people around me. I hear His voice to a greater degree and it has increased my burden for souls. His joy and love is bubbling up inside of me as I have become more passionately in love with Him. He has increased the the level of my obedience so that I might be more like Jesus.It has even brought healing to my body as two people told me yesterday that I even looked younger, that being said after a 4 year illness I have gone through.

If I only knew the results I would have determined in my heart even more so to make it the many times I failed. Now, I feel like I never want to stop the practice of fasting because I have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. If you desire God above all else, I know He can help by giving you strength to fast as you focus your gaze intently upon Him.

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 Re: My Fasting Testimony

I noticed this post before Christmas, and I thought, 'imagine starting a thread on fasting right before Christmas!' Kind of funny to me.

But, to the point.

Fasting is little spoken of by many Christians because it is little done.

I know that no one will boast and say 'I fast twice in the week', but that is not the point.

The point is, we don't fast because we don't want to.

The flesh has so much dominance over the western Christian, that we refuse to fast, whether or not Jesus has said we should or not.

It is one area that we dictate to God. It is not that we cannot, but we will not fast.

As you said, Jesus said when, not if.

I don't like fasting anymore than anyone else, but the joy of being closer to God by just obeying this simple discipline is so worth it.

And that is just another problem, discipline, rules and regulations. Or commands, as the word of God terms it.

Thanks for the post.

God bless.

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Agreed. It is one area where we dictate to GOD. How dare we even think of doing that? It is not that we can not, we will not. It is a choice of whether we are going to be obedient to the LORD. LORD give us a willingness in our hearts to be obedient to YOUR precepts.Amen

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 Re: My Fasting Testimony

Thank you for this simple, heart-felt testimony. I so appreciate your willingness to share this and for the humble way in which you did it.

Thank you for the reminder...the challenge...and your sweet spirit.

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Thank you for HIS wisdom which you share here! :)


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