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 Are we Holding Prayer Meetings or Turning them Loose?

[size=xx-small]Robert Wurtz II[/size]

They said we were overly zealous in those days. Young men coming together to pray earnestly one for another. We believed everything needed to be bathed in prayer. Not the "lay me down to sleep" variety, but genuine prayer that touched God and moved and changed us. In those days, we prayed until we prayed. We prayed with fanaticism and reckless faith.

We prayed before, after, and during the meetings. These were not the peaceful prayer meetings I have been in so often since. These prayer meetings were a street fight with the enemy. Men were not praying in whispering tones. You had to be in the Spirit in self-defense. "They are overzealous and emotional! Filled with emotionalism!" some said. You can believe one thing, when we gathered together for prayer we intended on touching God. We may have been as green as grass spiritually, but there was a childlike sincerity and faith that came from the heart. We had never taken classes on prayer. We didn't know we were supposed to be quiet about it.

I recall vividly those days when the youth would come together and seek God together. We were living in that 'first love' relationship with God. We had not heard the bad stories and doctrines that snuff out the Spirit of prayer; we just believed God.

It's sad to say it, but based upon what I have heard of some prayer warriors they had not liked our prayer meetings. They would have likely viewed them as a controlled explosion. People fear this type of Prayer; at least James Robison did. His mind was so loaded with lust at one time in his ministry that he would make eye contact with women as he preached and even contemplated suicide. He chronicled this in his book, [i]Thank God I'm Free.[/i] He complained to his best friend over and over and every time was told he needed to be prayed for by a prayer warrior layman by the name of Milt Green. Imagine the great James Robison (as it were) needing prayer from a guy that is a virtual nobody.

He finally agreed and they met on the plane to fly to a certain city. James thought the man to be a fanatic. His bible was totally marked up. Milt Green told James Robison he was the most demonized man he had ever met. When they arrived at the hotel the man told James to sit in a chair in the middle of the hotel room. As James sat there the man began to pray with [i]authority[/i]. He "shifted gears" as James described it and at once began to address the powers of darkness. He was so loud that James was terrified that some of his staff would hear what was going on in the other room.

At his lowest point, James Robison sat in that chair in his hotel room as a layman named Milt Green prayed over him and commanded the devil to loose his grip. When Milt was through praying James was quite relieved. He asked James, "Do you feel any different?" No, James replied. "Well, you know that static that's in your head? It is GONE!" James realized the this was true and told his wife Betty the next night, "Something has happened in my heart and in my mind. That [i]claw[/i] in my brain is gone. I can think —my mind is clear."

This is the type of prayer I am talking about. These are the type of prayer meetings that you don't 'hold' you turn them 'loose' (as the Old Timers used to say). No body in these prayer meetings are concerned with being eloquent and cute. They are concerned with the task at hand. These are prayer meeting where folk still believe in getting out the anointing oil and praying over people. This is prayer with an unction. Not just a few, but everyone. Carnal and nervous folk don't attend these prayer meetings. Only two types of people come to these; those who [i]need[/i] a touch from God and those that can [i]touch[/i] God.

But, we've gone and gotten all sophisticated and domesticated now. Were too 'spiritual' to pray like that. We are too dignified. We start praying like that someone might look around for the strict nine and rattle snakes. Were too worried about what someone is going to think about our prayer life when we get started. Too worried about impressing someone that's in reputation for prayer.

True prayer warriors don't worry about getting distracted. I have Methodist/Pentecostal great grandmothers that would start to pray over the meal at dinner time and the Spirit of the Lord would come upon them and prayer meeting break out right at the dinner table. When the Spirit of God comes on a person to pray they are not 'worried' about anything but what God is saying and doing. These people prayed and God answered their prayers. These people lived lives of holiness. These people heard from God.

Elijah was a man of earnest prayer. He prayed with his head between his knees. This is SERIOUS prayer. This man knew God was going to answer. He was a man of like passions as us. What is the difference? [i]The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much[/i]. This is praying until you pray. This is prayer with an unction. This is asking in faith and nothing wavering. This is prayer that touches God and God touches the situation.

If I am ever in dire straits I pray to God that He sends me someone that can pray the prayer of faith and touch God on my behalf. I pray God sends me a Milt Green that will pray without concern for his own reputation. A man of God that when he prays Hell trembles. Someone that understands how to pray and is living close enough to God to finish the job. One that will have the boldness if God would so direct it to say, "Sit down in this chair! I'm going to pray for you!"

We need men and women that will once again come boldly into the throne of grace. Personally, I am so filled with pretty sounding prayers that exalt the pray-er rather than Christ; powerless words that were birthed in the imaginations of men rather than the Holy Ghost. 2008 is just around the corner and the enemy is set in battle against the Church. There is no time to be cute. It is time to rise up in FAITH believing God for a word and a prayer for this generation that will shake the very foundations of Hell.

Robert Wurtz II

 2007/12/19 23:55Profile

 Re: Are we Holding Prayer Meetings or Turning them Loose?

Very good word Brother.

Thank you for the encouragement.

 2007/12/20 0:22

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