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 Jeremiah 5:30-31

Jeremiah 5:30-31 [Amplified]
An apalling and horrible thing [bringing desolation and destruction] has come to pass in the land:
The prophets prophecy falsely, and the priests exercise rule at their own hands and by means of the prophets. And My people love to have it so! But what will you do when the end comes?

[from 2.5.03]
Sovereign God?
There is a pleading contention with the land.

And so the land will be destroyed, unless there are any who will care,
and in caring will continually pour out hearts like water,
in earnest and prevailing prayer
The land is being destroyed, for lack of those who simply seek
above all else honestly and passionately care.

If only we in truth could see,
and in understanding perceive what then the ending would be.

Are there any who would in simple devotion seek only to see,
the Lord take His place,
and so lay down our very lives down for Him in this place?

To care in the way God cares, always leads us to the cross.
The way of God is in truth shown in the life of the Son of God.

And that way led Him in obedience to the willing forsaking of himself, unto death.
To care the way God cares, is passion poured out disregarding of self-loss or gain

And passion is about the willingness of suffering,
and that suffering is about self loss.
And that passion’s focus is on Him Who suffered all, lost all for love,
in caring only that His heavenly Father might gain and no longer suffer such devestating loss.
And in suffering all, He gained reconciliation for the world,
in Him is all abounding of life,
now He is the ressurection and the life of the world.

Trading is about profit’s,and in cutting losses
of the balancing of managing accounts.
carefully considering and weighing of costs
the number one rule being that on no account
must there be the suffering of loss of any amount
seeking to gain, avoiding the self-death of the cross.

And in doing so trading heavenly means,
for the perishable profiting of earthly gain.
Can such things be ignored by heaven,
winked at and passed over somehow?
Or does Almighty God not see or care?
Or is Sovereign Lord just a title now?

Or having lost the knowledge of priceless heavenly treasure,
have we simply settled to seek to find that which fills the immediate need?
not hearing in clamourings of greedy heart, the prick of conscience quiet voice.
Justifying it in comparing it to those who seem, and in seeming are seen to be.
And being o.k. for them.... well you know, then it must be so for me,

For is not the temporary earthly appearance of success,
the only real way to be?

Having made Eternity's vision trivial,
by blind needs driving to fulfill human plans.
Do we not see the utter triviality of our being then,
in our place in Eternity's plans?

Is heaven just a concept?
An probable, maybe even eventual destination,
made irrelevant by the gain of enjoying the present
In the here and now, the party of the journeying
The capturing to snares of sensory flesh perceptions
The importance of being seen to be,
over the true being, just to be.

Do we groan to be clothed with immortality,
desire so intense it makes us pant in longing,
like a deer panting in thirst for water,
just to see, Him,
Who is the very reason for our being.
Does the longing to put aside the corruption of tainted flesh,
and when in a twinkling of our eyes,
in seeing our Lord knowing and known in fullest part.
Being forever changed in truth into His image, in beholding Him
with hope aflame in hearts alight in love, flood our entire being?

Or is the suffering displayed of passion poured out, unto death,
by the Son of God as He hung accursed, in our death on the cross,
was that death, in that he died, so that we might now live for Him.
So somehow still retain all we think we are, and what we want to be?

Instead of in all simplicity of devotion to Him,
Following Him to our loss, and even when,
if it be in truth for us the naked shame of the cross?
If we will not follow Him to our loss,
then can we say in truth,
that we are passionate about our Lord?
Is He the reason for our every moments being?
If we are not in Him, then what are we about?
Where and what is the reason of our continued living?

If the Lord Jesus Christ is the Author and Finish of our faith,
and all bar none has its being now in Him,

is there any thing apart from Him, then left at all?

Is He Who Is all in all, then our Sovereign Lord after all?

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