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 Unwanted Reality - Eternal Wrath

What answers do we give the person who asks:

We didn't ask to be created or born into life and into a world with such eternal ramifications. How is it that we are born with a sin nature, most likely raised in a non-Christian environment and then expected to repent or endure God's wrath forever? Isn't this harsh? We are born sinners and expected to die saints or pay for it eternally.

Brian Erickson

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 Re: Unwanted Reality - Eternal Wrath

Grace, peace, and love be multiplied:

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ which is our hope. First, I would like to say that this is a good question for believers to ponder, because it is one of the most chief questions (or something simular) we hear from those who are lost. I think the first thing for us to bear in mind as Christians when it comes to questions of this nature is No.#1. We are not called to be God's defense attorneys to the world. I can hardly think of anything more pitiful than the sight of Christians, and especially ministers seeking to apologize for God as if God needs to be justified in some way before the world. We are called to be witness unto Jesus Christ and him crucified. The sacrificial death of Christ speaks of the righteousness of God, and thereby the holiness of God. Remember, God is not in the hands of angry sinners; sinners are in the hands of an angry God.
Concerning not being consulted as to whether, or not we wanted to be born into this world: well, that is true for all of us. None of us were consulted before we were born into this world. We are all in this together. We all can waste time Whinning about why we were not consulted first before being born, but this is foolish and accomplishes nothing.
Unfortunately, we were born with a sinful nature, and are fallen beings through Adam's trangression. This means that men are children of wrath by nature. Not only by nature but by volitional will, that is, we choose to pursue our lust and live out our lives apart from the Almighty. So it is not only our nature, but it is our choice to live according to the sinful nature. Consequently, that means we deserve hell and damnation. The wages of sin is death. This is why the light of God's holy law needs to shine forth in the preaching of the gospel to bring men and women to the realization that they are indeed sinners and that sin is exceeding sinful and abominable and that sin deserves no less than eternal wrath. When sinners are made to see where they stand in God's sight; to truely see themselves as wicked and deserving of the wrath of a good God, then can comes the proper question, "What must I do to be saved." This may sound "harsh" to our sinful inclinations, but it is no more than sin deserves, and no less to be pour out on the wicked through all eternity. If we did not deserve such an infinite punishment than why such an infinite and precious sacrifice as the Son of God offered up in order to make it possible for us to be saved? Remember, it cost us nothing for this salvation provided but it cost God everything. God commended his love toward us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us. With this in mind God forbid that we should ever question His love and goodness. Hallelujah to the Lamb forever. Amen.
God commands men everywhere to repent, or perish and that is the message the Church should be preaching to the world without apology. If we say we love the lost, and want to see men saved then we have no choice but to warn them to flee the wrath of God. Yes, we were born sinners, but thank God, He made a way that we can be born again as saints and of the household of God. So, if any one dies in sin and goes to the lake of fire it will be no ones fault be their own. God is love, but thats not all; God is also a consuming fire. It is not a lack of love that we need to be saved from. We need to be saved from sin, and the wrath to come.

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