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 What is the Gospel?

This question arose recently on the mailing list and this is what I sent to them:

I recently posted this EXCERPT from charles spurgeon on my website

A Dumb and Dummy Gospel

If ever there should come a wretched day when all our pulpits shall be full of modern thought, and the old doctrine of substitutionary sacrifice shall be exploded, then will there remain no word of comfort for the guilty or hope for the despairing. Hushed will be forever those silver notes which now console the living, and cheer the dying; a dumb spirit will possess this dying world, and no voice of joy will break the blank silence of despair. The gospel speaks through the propitiation for sin, and if that be denied, it speaketh no more. Those who preach not the atonement exhibit a dumb and dummy gospel; a mouth it hath, but speaketh not?

Would you have me silence the doctrine of the blood of sprinkling? Would anyone of you attempt so horrible a deed? Shall we be censured if we continually proclaim the heaven-sent message of the blood of Jesus Shall we speak with bated breath because some affected person shudders at the sound of the word blood or some cultured individual rebels at the old fashioned thought of sacrifice? Nay, verily, we will sooner have our tongue cut out that cease to speak of the precious blood of Jesus Christ.? ( Charles Spurgeon, as quoted in Pierced for Our Transgressions )

Here is quite a good site outlined some of the basics of the gospel message:

here is a interesting quote from the site: the gospel is " a rescue operation from the wrath of God"

I highly recommend this article by A.W. Tozer:

and this is a great article by Zac Poonen:

Martin Luther once said: "God does not love us because we are valuable; we are valuable because God loves us."

A man-centred Gospel always elevates man by making light of his "sin nature" and of the law which convicts him of sin. The true Gospel always lifts up God and his righteousness, and points to the law which reveals to a man his own sinfulness before a holy God.

I hope these resources are a blessing and can help in some ways to have a more fuller clear biblical gospel presentation given on

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 Re: What is the Gospel?

I just two nights ago watched [url=]this sermon[/url] by Paul Washer, and I think he does a tremendous good work at explaining what is the true gospel. Maybe not in a short and easy way but still....


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